My Notes for a Short, Un-named Fairy Tale for Children…

An outline to a Child’s Fairy Tale I’m working on– [for my children yet to be born and named]

Once upon a time, our  World was ruled over by Monsters called The Drek – they loved the Darkness because it concealed their Hideous Ugliness and Evil.

Whenever some other Being contrived to make Bright and better the world they had to share, the envious , loathsome Dreks would  kill the Being and his family so as to extinguish their Light…

As a result, there were no planets, stars nor suns illuminating their planet – When stars were born, the Drek shot their weapons at them until the stars were swallowed  up in flame and ash, vanished –  leaving behind no trace of their existence  – It seemed that their rule and it’s Darkness would be Eternal.

Eventually a race called the Star People – who lived on a distant planet – became aware of  of the Drek whom they named, “Star Destroyers”   – after much discussion as to whether or not they should bother – These authors of Stars and Light  decided to rid the Earth’s inhabitants of this Eternal Enemy of the Stars and, it seemed,  of Life Itself.

Using an ancient eugenics program  invented by long ago ancestors, the Star People assembled a vast, strong and perfect fleet of warriors drawn  from every corner of their universe.

Although time was of essence,  they prepared carefully, diligently – and, eventually, the war fleets were ready to make the long and dangerous journey  from their universe to Earth – their Fuhrers had decided to capture the earth from the monstrous light killers and nation wreckers,  cleansing  the earth of them and securing it’s continents for their  cousins:  the Beings of Light-

The war between the Drek and the Star People was nearly a millennia long.  It was such a bitter and hard fought war that the Gods of the combatant armies were called upon to help – Their  divine intervention took the battles to levels that were no longer between the two races but between [ the Gods of] Light and Darkness – The essences of Life Itself, the 太极,  good and evil.

At certain points of the war it seemed our earth would be destroyed by the Drek who were possessed of such an hateful envy that they threatened to destroy the planet – using a terrifying device they called The Samson Option –

Due to their superior weaponry,  the Drek, were able the nearly destroy the Race of the Light, and hundreds of thousands of Star People were wounded and maimed protecting them . [Sometimes the earth would even  be returned to complete  Darkness and Dreks would, once again, rule Over All.] – The wounded Star Warriors receded briefly into Death  as  they traveled home to their Worlds.  Each soldier knew their  orders were to go back after a period of recuperation.

Eventually so many of Earth’s Race of  The Light were killed that the Father of the Stars assembled all of the fleets scheduled to return to earth and to war.  Sternly, he  warned them to rid the earth and it’s inhabitants of the Drek, describing them as mankind’s :  Eternal Enemy.

As the soldiers of the Star People  departed to return to  war, they were acutely aware of the importance and impact of their  new mission  which they knew that, for the sake of all Beings had to be successful –  That mission was nothing less than  to completely and utterly destroy the Drek once and for all, leaving none alive –

The  Father of the Stars told  his valiant and triumphant Warriors that,  after they had won the war, they were to remain on the earth, forever –  as rescuers and protectors;  progenitors of the remnant Race  – the surviving  Beings of Light – to mingle with these daughters and sons born also of his  Light. They were to populate and make whole and prosperous the planet they had rescued.

And so it was,  and, of them were our ancestors brought forth :

The Race of the fair God Men born of Stars who remain  the only beings capable of killing the Evil Drek should they ever return to pollute and destroy this World that now belonged – By Might and by Universal right – to the Children of the Stars.

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