Preet Bharara says on Twitter that he has been fired

Preet Bahrara was relatively unknown until today. His one accomplishment during the Obama Administration was refusing  to help investigate The Clinton Foundation.

Clearly The Left/Globalists refusal to behave as adults is annoying to us.

This is the intent as The Left live out the path that their Grand-parents and Parents took during the 60s era of unrest. To their credit the Baby Boomers did help end a senseless war and rout a devious President [Nixon].

But, these Bolshevik Hippies also brought us ridiculous and degenerate notions such as Cultural Marxism, Feminism and White Genocide  which have served to cripple America in extremely effective fashion. This was, after all, the full and only Agenda.

Preet Bahrara wants to run for Mayor of NYC against fellow communist DeBlasio, so he created a twitter account 7 days ago and promptly refused to man up and resign – as is protocol – when President Trump asked him to.

His brand now trending on twitter and he’s known to the public – necessary if he is to have a political career.