The “Daughter of Elysium” Is Dying

It’s a Sin that Ludwig Van’s 9th has been co-opted by the Jewish EU that is so diligently seeing to it that Europe never again produces another Beethoven

That the music of the gods be used so despicably is personally frustrating.

This is NOT the “Anthem of the EU/Europe” – It’s written for indigenous White Europeans if it’s to be an ‘anthem’ then it’s  – Ours Alone.



Well sit down and listen to what I have to say Soon will come a great war, a bloody but holy day

And after that purging our people will be free

And sing up in the bright skies, a sun for all to see,

Times are very tough now, for a proud white man to live

And although it may appear that this world has no life to give

Times are soon changing, this can’t go on for long

And on that joyful summer’s day, we’ll sing our victory song,

Ref: And the women they’ll smile on victory day And the children will laugh, and they’ll sing and They’ll play…And the forests will echo our grace For the brand new dawn of our race,

You are my brother and in war we proudly sing

Our cause shall never tire, our gift to you we bring

A holy creed of purpose, a mighty race to defend

And when we fly our holy flag their oppressive reign shall end,

And when we finally conquer, our people will be free

And all across this great land, the bold truth we shall see

So as we march together, to avoid catastrophe

Let’s remember always our sacred destiny

Censure de mes éditoriaux : les gardiens de la Mémoire de l’Holocauste ont peur

The last editorial of Vincent Reynouard was censored In France, within less than 24 hours.

In this video, Reynouard explains why the myth of the Holocaust is still decomposing and why, in addition, the guardians of the memory experience a panic fear against those who spread the truth. Hence their refusal to have honest discussion, face to face, and their eagerness to require censorship.

In less than a quarter of an hour, based on the work of historians of the Holocaust, Reynouard explains why the myth is broken.