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The text is known as the Book of Enoch, which is why the aforementioned passages from Genesis relate how Enoch “walked with God”.

What that means is made clear in the Book of Enoch,  where this prophet is taken up and away into the heavens in one of the chariots of the Lord and is shown apocalyptic scenes of the future judgment of the world.

The account of the Book of Enoch very closely parallels Plato’s story of Atlantis. I t details the rise of a hybrid civilization of demigods on the Earth, except that in this case – instead of slowly being corrupted over time, it is made clear that the gods who breed with mortal women are an army of angels who revolt against the Lord and attempt to enlighten humans by teaching them all kinds of Promethean arts and sciences.

This especially improves the lot of women,  whose innate psychical superiority to men is cultivated to turn them into powerful sorceresses, and who are taught both methods of birth control and of abortion so that they can take pleasure in sex as they wish and with whom they wish.

It is probably with a view to this antediluvian liberation of women that the Bible specifically targets female practice of the occult arts in that famous injunction [at Exodus 22:17]  that was used by those in Europe and America who burned witches at the stake for centuries: “Thou shalt not suffer a sorceress to live.”

– PROMETHEUS AND ATLAS, Chapter IX, “Atlas of the New Atlantis”]

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