Lord of my love, by your merit do you ensure my loyalty;

I send you this written message anonymously; to prove only my devotion and not my education —

my devotion so vast that any skill compared to it is laid open and meaningless.  Because I cannot find the words to express my adoration, I keep the hope that some imaginative inspiration rises from deep in your heart to bestow some meaning on my bared love —-

And, only when whatever star that guides my actions; looking upon me with a benign and gracious blessing will deign to dress my ragged love in worthy raiment

will I be made deserving of you attentions and mention, only then will I dare to proclaim my love for you straightforward.

And, until then I dare not reveal myself so plain that you put my love to your test




Many are hounded by a Black Dog, but a true Wolf stalked her heart, and it was forever at her heels.

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