Emma Watson WTF

Emma Watson’s adaptation of Beauty and the Beast has one thing that the others did not: some type of homo-erotic scene. Why shouldn’t it? Emma Watson is obviously very hip, sheek, and elite. Why wouldn’t it lead adolescent boys down the garden path to anal fisting, it’s 2017……

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PaPaw Lampshade on The Election of the Century:

If I had to briefly sum up the last Presidential election for someone who had no idea what was going on, I think I would phrase it thusly: there were two candidates running against one another. One ran on the platform of giving the globalists in general and the Jews in particular everything they wanted: […]

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Glorious Leader’s Weekly Address:

~ The First 50 Days ~ (White House Release) JUMPSTARTING JOB CREATION: President Donald J. Trump is looking out for the American workers who Washington has left behind. President Trump has worked with the private sector to deliver tens of thousands of new jobs for Americans. President Trump ordered the United States to withdraw from […]

via President Trump Weekly Address – March 10th 2017 — The Last Refuge