Tranny Pastor? Hol Up. Wat?


Rev. S. David Wynn of Fort Worth, who identifies as a transgender male, speaks at a press conference of the Texas Believes coalition on Feb. 9, 2017. Wynn and other falth leaders from around the state gathered in Austin to help combat anti-LGBT discrimination bills proposed in the 85th Legislature. Photo Credit Bob Daemmrich for the Texas Tribune

The “man,” the “pastor,” at the podium as you should know by now from the caption was born a woman. A male to female tranny is one thing. I got over the disgust about them a long while ago. The media features them much more prominently. A female to male tranny gives me the hibi-jibis. It seems like it should be less bad than m-f but it isn’t.

Although these creatures insult God and Nature, they’re insulted that we respond to them with an immediate and wholly natural aversion

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