A Few Notes- Upon re-Reading Lord of The Rings…

The Aryan Kampf described in the book is obvious.  It’s one of the LOTR foundation themes in fact.  As such, I have then thought of equal to same struggle found in Our other art – such as the music and writings of Wagner.
There’s a work by Richard Wagner titled  The Ring of Nibelung.  In which the Protagonist, Alberich, has been told that should he make a ring from a trove of gold, resting at the bottom of the Rhine –  he will be blessed with all the Power in the World.

However,  Alberich is warned of the one condition contingent :  He must renounce the Power of Love.
The World as heirloom would I gain!
And if I cannot have Love
Might I not cunningly extort Lust?
The Light will I extinguish for you
The Gold will I tear from the reef
And forge the avenging Ring!
Let the Waves be my witness:
Tolkien had  insisted that his Ring  and  Wagner’s  Ring are only alike in their round appearance.  But, in Theme they are practically One – in The Return of the King there’s an opening scene – depicting a flashback memory,  revealing the Ring being found at the bottom of a river.

There’s so many Parallels connecting Tolkien and Wagner that cannot be ignored – or dismissed as Coincidence.