Vampyre Jew Dies at 91-

God in His Mercy has been removing this despicable generation of Jews from the face of the Earth.

There was a recent poll on both twitter and Gab which asked where one stood on The Holocaust™ – of the 4 choices offered and out of over 7,000 people participating – a significant 31% stated that the jews claim to Holocaust™  was grossly exaggerated and another 33% wished that it had happened just the way the jews claim.

Of course not every person polled was a neo-Nazi nor were they ‘White Supremacists’,  but the majority were of my Generation, Generation Z. The “youth” have rejected the indoctrination and dogma of holocaustianity.   The jews committed a grave error when they decided to replace history and fact with their belief and then try to cram it down our throats.


Imagine a real-life version of “Inglourious Basterds,” Quentin Tarantino’s quixotic movie about Jewish avengers in World War II — but in this case involving a plot by a band of refugees to kill millions of Germans just after the war by poisoning their water supply. The plot, which targeted five major cities in retribution for […]

via Joseph Harmatz, Who Led Jewish Plot to Kill Millions of Germans After World War II, Dies at 91 — Remember The 14 Words

Cher wants you to hide DACA dreamers Ann Frank style in your house

Cher is the 137 year old Pop Princess who thinks DACA parasites from Mexico and Latin America are just like  Jewish children that you have all seen in Holocaust™    movies like ‘Schindler’s List

Cher would like for you to think of this image, when thinking of DACA ‘children’

However, since most DREAMERS are well over the age of 16, and most have lied about being 16 and are even older,  we can hardly refer to them as ‘children’.  But, Liberals want you to consider hiding DACA gangs in your attics —

Yeh, White Man, put these DREAMERS  up in your attic,  your young daughters and wives will surely be safe.

Link to story Cher

The Daily Stormer Sunday Edition

I will be regularly posting and updating this blog with individual articles from The Daily Stormer  during the week.   On Sundays I will be posting a link to TDS’  pdf   Sunday Edition  which is a roundup read of all articles and other information:

Such as where to send donations of financial/bitcoin support to the site.

Since The Daily Stormer will be bringing suit against Google for the illegal virtual domain assault against both the site owner,  Andrew Anglin and the domain itself , shekels of good will are needed to further this important, and only internet related,  First Amendment battle in the courts of law [and most likely the Supreme Court in the end].

I’m a simple woman and don’t understand all the legal stuff attached to such a lawsuit, so forgive my not using legal type terms to describe the war that is going to be fought by Anglin —   on Your behalfs, Readers –   in order to keep free speech on the internet protected and alive not just for his own use but also for ours.

As such, I will state that you all had better send cash and bitcoin to support this effort.

Don’t be dunces and think that just because you might  not be a  “neo-Nazi/White Supremacist/Racist” ,   that the – yes it is true-  Jewish Global Collective Alliance and it’s partners,  the Soviet American  Mega Corporations  won’t be coming for you online in nearer rather than far future.

Because these are the Internet Bullies who own and patrol the  block now.  As such, they are operating outside the Constitution of the United States and thus, the law and all government regulation.  And, no one is stopping them.

It’s as one reporter on CNN is alleged to have stated:

If you’re white in America, your politics don’t matter,  you’re still a racist

And, even if he didn’t say it exactly like that, this makes the sentiment  no less true.

Because, if you are white and consider yourself conservative/right wing  and regardless of  creed,  then you’d better believe you, your families and your friends  who think Nazis are evil,  are equally in  as much danger of losing your First Amendment rights and protections on the whim of these Evil Demons  as Andrew Anglin or  “The Neo Nazis”  have.  They  are in power and own the internet; not the guy you put in the White House.

No leader, no president is stepping forward to stop Google and other mega Internet Corporations from stifling your freedoms  –  and this fact allows these lawless Internet Entities a reach that extends far beyond the world-wide web t in terms of quality of life.

Once you become unpersoned on the internet, many attendant  basics of life will fail as well, since there’s now a total intertwining of internet dependency merging with real life needs being met.

That means:  Being unpersoned by Google,  etalia can and will equal a definite impact on whether or not you will be able to rent/buy a home or apartment, get a job and, even, be allowed to bank in the jewish owned banks we are all forced to use.

How does that old Lament go?

First they came for the Nazis, and I did not speak out ………..when they came for me, there was no one left to speak for me …..”

This is the new Motto of the Internet, and, I suppose, our dystopian, Orwellian society – our New World Order Globalist and Soviet Collective without Borders, formally known as:  Europe and America.

Here’s the link to The Daily Stormer’s pdf Sunday Edition —  share it, repost it, email the link to friends:

Click to access nmqmpf.pdf

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Because the site and Sunday Edition are not mone-
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I am working to start a blog that will be the feminine counterpart to the Daily Stormer online magazine.

I have been in discussion with several men who are part of the DS apparatus and they are very encouraging.  I am waiting for the final okay from weev and Andrew Anglin, however this idea appears to be one that is favorable.

The Daily Maiden  

Will of course focus on the concerns of Women, and especially the concerns of Women in the Nationalist, White Nationalist and Nationalsocialist movement – with emphasis on the latter.  It is based on the The NS-Frauen-Warte, a German women’s  magazine made extremely popular  during the Third Reich.

While there are many such types of online magazines attempting to capture the same ambiance as Der Frauen Warte – making the start of such a magazine a challenge, I am encouraged by the fact that the men of Daily Stormer are willing to help shepherd The Daily Maiden and their input and support is invaluable

For instance, The Daily Maiden will feature the best memes on the internet – created by the most creative meme makers,  people who have become famous for their art.

Perhaps the greatest asset for our blog/magazine is the fact that contributors – the steady and approved authors, editors and artists will receive payment for their work.  The payment won’t be enough to live on at the start of course, but it’s intended to be a token representative of appreciation for the hard work and good effort put forward by Nationalsocialist men and women. For now, the magazine will, of course, be free to those who choose to follow it, but perhaps later there will be a small subscription fee. This latter is something that will be discussed with readers and is dependent of course on the popularity of the content.

Some may say that a woman’s magazine has no business involving men – because after all it is the current year.  However, The Daily Maiden has no interest in involving judaic feminism or something known as “White Nationalist Feminism” and therefore women who object to men overseeing our effort can complain about this decision elsewhere.

For now, this short introduction will have to suffice – however, in the near future there will be further information and discussion of the blog here. I’m also considering producing a Daily Maiden Vlog that will be attendent to the blog and also directly attached to The Daily Stormer. I’m hoping to interview several people who are interesting and have impact on the current political and cultural war White men and women are fighting on a daily basis.

Please leave comments/suggestion – I am very interested in your opinions.