The Daily Stormer Sunday Edition

I will be regularly posting and updating this blog with individual articles from The Daily Stormer  during the week.   On Sundays I will be posting a link to TDS’  pdf   Sunday Edition  which is a roundup read of all articles and other information:

Such as where to send donations of financial/bitcoin support to the site.

Since The Daily Stormer will be bringing suit against Google for the illegal virtual domain assault against both the site owner,  Andrew Anglin and the domain itself , shekels of good will are needed to further this important, and only internet related,  First Amendment battle in the courts of law [and most likely the Supreme Court in the end].

I’m a simple woman and don’t understand all the legal stuff attached to such a lawsuit, so forgive my not using legal type terms to describe the war that is going to be fought by Anglin —   on Your behalfs, Readers –   in order to keep free speech on the internet protected and alive not just for his own use but also for ours.

As such, I will state that you all had better send cash and bitcoin to support this effort.

Don’t be dunces and think that just because you might  not be a  “neo-Nazi/White Supremacist/Racist” ,   that the – yes it is true-  Jewish Global Collective Alliance and it’s partners,  the Soviet American  Mega Corporations  won’t be coming for you online in nearer rather than far future.

Because these are the Internet Bullies who own and patrol the  block now.  As such, they are operating outside the Constitution of the United States and thus, the law and all government regulation.  And, no one is stopping them.

It’s as one reporter on CNN is alleged to have stated:

If you’re white in America, your politics don’t matter,  you’re still a racist

And, even if he didn’t say it exactly like that, this makes the sentiment  no less true.

Because, if you are white and consider yourself conservative/right wing  and regardless of  creed,  then you’d better believe you, your families and your friends  who think Nazis are evil,  are equally in  as much danger of losing your First Amendment rights and protections on the whim of these Evil Demons  as Andrew Anglin or  “The Neo Nazis”  have.  They  are in power and own the internet; not the guy you put in the White House.

No leader, no president is stepping forward to stop Google and other mega Internet Corporations from stifling your freedoms  –  and this fact allows these lawless Internet Entities a reach that extends far beyond the world-wide web t in terms of quality of life.

Once you become unpersoned on the internet, many attendant  basics of life will fail as well, since there’s now a total intertwining of internet dependency merging with real life needs being met.

That means:  Being unpersoned by Google,  etalia can and will equal a definite impact on whether or not you will be able to rent/buy a home or apartment, get a job and, even, be allowed to bank in the jewish owned banks we are all forced to use.

How does that old Lament go?

First they came for the Nazis, and I did not speak out ………..when they came for me, there was no one left to speak for me …..”

This is the new Motto of the Internet, and, I suppose, our dystopian, Orwellian society – our New World Order Globalist and Soviet Collective without Borders, formally known as:  Europe and America.

Here’s the link to The Daily Stormer’s pdf Sunday Edition —  share it, repost it, email the link to friends:

Click to access nmqmpf.pdf

Send Donations to Daily Stormer :

Because the site and Sunday Edition are not mone-
tized, DS requires contributions from readers to pay
the expenses involved.    PayPal (and everything else known to man) has
banned this site and me [Andrew Anglin] as an individual person
from using their services, so right now all we have
is cash and bitcoin.
Cash or checks can be sent to this address:
Andrew Anglin
PO Box 208
Worthington, Ohio
43085 USA

 Daily Stormer’s
new Bitcoin address (please do not
send to the old address):

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