Celebrity Gossip Blogger Perez Hilton Sparks Outrage by Encouraging Kylie Jenner to Abort Nigger Baby

Benjamin Garland
Daily Stormer
September 25, 2017

Homosexual celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton is suspected of harboring neo-nazi sympathies.

Wow, who knew a faggot could be this BASED?

Say what you will about faggots, but one thing that’s for sure is that they have an eye for aesthetics.

That’s why so many of them are home decorators and whatnot.

And if there’s one thing that is aesthetically unpleasant, it’s half-nigger babies.

Finally, one faggot has mustered the courage to buck political correctness and come out and state the obvious.

Daily Record:

Perez Hilton has caused a stir online after he claimed Kylie Jenner should have an abortion.

It comes after rumours that Kylie, 20, is four months pregnant with boyfriend Travis Scott’s baby .

Perez took to his YouTube channel to rant about the apparent pregnancy, before claiming that the relationship won’t last.

He said: “Ring the alarm! Oh my god I needed to get on here and let you know Kylie Jenner is 99% pregnant!”

He then gave a slow clap and added: “She knows how to work it!

“She is the new Kim Kardashian! Kylie Jenner has just one upped everyone.”

He added: “I love life, I love babies, but if I was Kris Jenner I’d tell her to get an abortion.


It seems the days of holding back are coming to an end.

It’s time to just tell it like it is.

This meme says it all:

Bobby no. Just no. Gross.

At this rate, as long as Perez repents for all the dicksucking, he may actually be spared the oven on the day of reckoning.

God createth abortion so thou may riddeth the world of mongrel abominations.

The Daily Stormer


And without you anyway, the birds are silent


My Separation from you has felt just like winter and everything has been as barren as in December –

And yet the time we’ve been apart was actually summer,  then fall,  the harvest-time when nature gives birth to crops planted in the Spring

My Spring as dead as a dead Mother,  the season gone even while crops planted remained,  my Spring like a woman giving birth to a stillborn child

after her husband’s death do these abundant fruits of nature seem as hopeless orphans to me  because Summer and  Summer’s pleasures all depended on you..

and without you  anyway, even  the birds  are  silent.

Or,  if they sing,  their song’s  so  dismal  that  the leaves grow pale with fear,  dreading the fact that Winter’s almost here  and you  are  nowhere  near.


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The DAILY STORMER: Here Come Dat Website

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 15, 2017

o shit waddup

Welcome friends, new and old, to that website that they don’t want you to see. The Daily Stormer: the most banned website ever.  In fact, the only banned website ever that is political or legal.

You can find pornography of the sickest sort you can imagine, all through these tubes. You can find ISIS recruitment sites  –  sites that literally give instructions on how to go to Syria and join ISIS.  You can find how to make all sorts of explosives and chemical gasses.

But most of the time, you can’t find the Daily Stormer. And why is that?

Well, according to the media, it was because I made an inappropriate  fat joke about a fat woman who died of a heart attack :  [the indomitable Antifa heroines, Heather Heyer and her crisis actress mom]  you can find the article allegedly responsible for the banning on Daily Stormer’s latest incarnation on the surface web,  https://dailystormer.is/

Ask yourself: does that make sense to you? Does it make sense that you are allowed to do anything you want on the internet, but the one thing that goes too far is making fun of a fat woman? Of course that does not make sense.

In actual fact, the reason that this site is banned from the internet is not because of our fat jokes, it’s not even because of our nigger jokes  –  it is because the Daily Stormer is the number one site in the world which talks about a specific problem population:  the Jews.

These are the people you are banned from talking about.

Because these are the people that are in charge. In charge of the entire Western world.

Jews control the media.

Jews start the wars.

Jews control the banking and financial systems.

Jews control the entertainment culture.

Jews invented communism.

Jews invented feminism.

Jews created the mass immigration agenda.

Everywhere in the world you look, you are going to see Jews controlling things.

Even now, Donald Trump’s administration is being destroyed by his Jewish son-in-law.

And yet, they simply pretend this isn’t true.  And if you say it is true, they mock you as insane.  But now, there is too much information available.  It is too easy to point out the truth of the statement  “the Jews control the world”  –  so when you do point it out, they shut you down.

I had been kicked off of PayPalPatreonTwitterYouTubeFacebookevery credit card processor, etc. etc. etc.

I had been repeatedly DDoSed by criminals trying to shut the site down.

I had been sued. I had been harassed by the FBI.  I had had my family targeted by cops,  journalists and private investigators.

But I just kept talking about the Jews.

The site kept getting more and more popular because we were the only ones talking about the  Jews so directly,  and in a fun and entertaining way that had mass appeal to young people.

So there was nothing to do other than invent new ways to censor us. You can read my blog outlining that here1.

Right now, we have been on 9 different domains,  all of which we have been banned from. Google is still holding  dailystormer.com  in internet prison.  I have been locked out of the account, and they have not communicated with me as to what their plan is.

I put out a call to governments that they could show the hypocrisy of the  US  government  –  which claims to stand for freedom,  claims to have the moral authority to  “spread freedom”  to the world using manipulation and war,  yet bans freedom of speech at home  –  by giving me a domain, and yet no government on earth came forward with an offer to do this.

But we carry on.

This current domain is hosted in Israel.

Just joking.

It’s Iceland.

I fully expect this domain to be banned, though in Iceland,  they do have  very  strict free speech policies.  In fact, they have only ever banned one website, which was an internationally illegal  ISIS recruitment site,  and they did so only with a parliamentary decree.  And freedom of speech activists in Iceland fought to keep it up.

And yet, I have zero doubt that this site will eventually be taken down by the Icelandic government.

But we shall remain on the darknetNever will they take that from us.

Remember This

If you have not already, save this address, to visit when this [Iceland] site goes down:  http://dstormer6em3i4km.onion/

You can access it with the Tor Browser, which can be found here:


There are multiple options on both Android and iPhone.  I’ve had good experiences on both platforms with the highest rated in the respective app stores.

At this point, due to all these new types of censorship being implemented, we are likely to remain only on Tor for the foreseeable future.

Also, please take the time to sign-up for Gab  and  follow me.   I use the site a lot, both for announcements  relating to  DS and for normal social media posting.  I think you will enjoy the experience, and that is one place where my identity is confirmed,  and where you know I will be if I’m not anywhere else on the surface web.

Will We Ever be Permanently on the Surface Web Again?

This Icelandic domain is one of the last tricks in our  “find someone who will take us”  bag right now. Of course, we might get back online permanently through other means  –  and it could happen soon.

The New York Times just published an op-ed  about our situation,  arguing against the brutal censorship  of the internet.  Tucker Carlson  has been on a crusade for free speech online, repeatedly mentioning the Daily Stormer.  The National Review has spoken out.  As has Joe RoganGlenn Beck just did a segment.  The Guardian has run multiple pieces  –  going so far as to call for nationalizing Facebook, Google and Amazon.

So public opinion is almost universally against the censorship program being enacted by tech companies at the behest of the ADL, the SPLC and other Jewish activism groups.  The public – at least the educated public (not including the state college educated)  –  on both sides of the debate still believe in open and free movement of ideas.

The question then becomes: is public opinion more powerful  than Jewish interest groups, who believe that anyone discussing their particular ethnic group must simply be shut down?

The answer is: it depends.

If it becomes more clear that the agenda for censorship is an entirely Jewish agenda,  which is opposed by  both the left and the right,   then the Jews will feel like they have to back off.  The one thing that Jews fear most is being singled  out  and targeted as a group engaged in a socially deleterious behavior.

Right now, Jews are using sockpuppets to try and play it  off  like there is some support beyond themselves for the censorship agenda.

There is also the issue that if the government moves to regulate tech, then ICANN  will all of the sudden  want us back online.  Even a hint that the government is moving in that direction could result in us suddenly  having a lot more options. Because for the most part, the tech industry does not want to be regulated by the government.

Buzzfeed just did a long piece  on the fact that this is inevitable.

The third way we could get online is if a new registrar were created,  which explicitly allowed free speech.  Two registrars that claim to explicitly allow free speech have kicked me off  –  Namecheap and Dreamhost  –  but if a new one were to be created,  it would mainly be intended to address our specific situation.

Gab has also been targeted for censorship by a registrar,  and the site’s owner, Andrew Torba, actually does believe in free speech.  He is talking about building a registrar.

So, all hope is not lost.  But don’t get used to this domain. Because I think the feminists in the Icelandic  parliament are going to have a lot worse fit than they had when ISIS was hosting there.


Please consider signing up for a “voluntary subscription” through Hatreonhttps://hatreon.us/Anglin/

Use this code to sign-up.


We can’t get ads, we can’t get any income beyond what you, the reader provides.  And this is obviously not getting any cheaper.

Voluntary subscription” is a term I came up with, which I think is good.  I am not going to restrict content under any circumstance,  but at the same time, I have to eat,  I have staff to pay and this “staying online”  business sure as hell isn’t getting any cheaper.  So,let those who read pay what they want to pay.

I would like to get that up to $100,000 a month.  At least. That way, I can hire a massive staff of writers and other content creators.  We could be on par with CNN.

For the record, I pay myself the same as I pay other staff.  And I’m going to write a book to make some personal money on.   So anything you give to the site is going directly back in.

Come Home to Me and Kiss Me

Come home to me right now, pack your bags and catch a cab, I miss you.  Call me on the telephone the ringer’s, broken notifications silent.  Do the pretty girls tempt you there when you dance in  bars, drinking modern cocktails,  laughing intimately?

I pace the floor at night and dune that web for lies and trickeries, it’s making me so nervous and I can’t sleep anymore —- Come home to me right now, pack your bags and catch a cab, the hurricane is coming my way,  I don’t want to be alone.

My love is stronger, though it seems weaker.  I don’t love less,  but show less my love. This doesn’t mean I don’t want you, so come home to me right now, don’t bother to shave, put out your cigarette and catch a cab,  I need to kiss you.

 Our love was still new when I used to write poems about it,  just as the nightingale sings at the start of summer,  then stops singing as summer wanes.   It’s not that summer is less pleasant now than the nights when your nightingale sang for you:

My heart is just a cherry tree filled with songbirds singing yet  when love gets common, they’re less delightful;  but your nightingale still sings for you silently.  Keeping her silence so as not to bore you with her constant song.

Come home to me right now pack your bags,  catch a cab, I miss you.  Call me on the telephone the ringer’s broken, notifications silent.  The pretty girls all smile at you and laugh at every joke  but pack your bags and catch a cab, the hurricane is coming my way,

I don’t want to be alone. I don’t love less but I show less my love, that doesn’t mean I don’t want you

So come home to me right now don’t bother to shave put out your cigarette, pack a bag and catch a cab, come home to me, I need to kiss you.




Who knew that the literally Hitler 21st century Fuhrer of the Aryan people was going to be a goy stand up comic, with better jokes than any kike comedian?
Lenny Bruce just whined in his grave when the gods of comedy told him he’d been fully replaced by a swaggering Irish anti-semite  Nazi storm trooper named Anglin


Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 6, 2017

Atlanta, Georgia: The City of Minus 1000 fucks

After searching long and hard for a new domain, we landed in the A-T-L, motherfuckers. I put out a call for a nation to give refuge to the site, and heard nothing.

Then, at 5 AM this morning, I picked up my cell and heard:  “Yo dawg, is Kasim, and I ain’t no muffuggen nation, but I sure as fuck be a city.”

And I was like:   “Wait – what?”

And then he was like: “This is Kasim Reed, bitch! I got yo ass!

Are you a basketball player?

Bitch I’m the muffuggin Mayor of A-Town, and we be botta swoop in and getcho ass, because I be done past fed-up with these creepy-ass yids.”


So you’re saying...”

Yes, motherfucker!  Daily Stomper is comin to the A-T-L! Get yo ass to the Skyline Lounge at 1 AM tonight, and we’re gonna party down like a motherfucker! All party favors provided by the City of Atlanta! You read me, my man ?”

Oh I read ya, just fine.”

Motherfucka  I’m talkin about cocaine!  C-O-A-I-N.  We got green like you ain’t never seen, we got pills,  we got hoes with basketball titties  –  we gots all kindsa motherfucken shit out here in A-Town!  We bringin back the Stomper and it’s fuckin party time in the A-T-L!  Fuck dem hook-nose faggots!  And fuck the Google.  I got a cousin used ta contract doin heating and cooling at dey ATL office,  he got all kinds of fucked over.

Some chinky bitch say he grab her titties, bitch ain’t even had not titties ta grab. Gnomesane?  I say fuck all these bitches,  we botta throw down! We gonna fuck they shit up! A-Town, motherfucka – you don’t mess with it! Yo hol up I got a bitch on the line, you talk to my main man here.”

He then passed the phone to a white man who said,  “ Mr. Anglin? Yes, my name is Jerry Thomas, Mr. Reed’s assistant. Not sure if you got all that or not, but the Mayor of Atlanta is offering to register your website under the .at  TLD,  which his office has full authority over. We can’t guarantee that the domain will hold,  given that you are clearly under pressure from the federal government,  but Mr. Reed wants to do what he can to help you out. He doesn’t read much news,  but he has a deep-rooted hatred for Jews,  due to various experiences with landlords and record producers.”

Okay,” I said. “Do I really need to come get high with him at the Skyline Lounge in order to seal the deal?”

No sir. In fact,   I would advise against it. Mr. Reed’s late night business meetings at the Skyline Lounge often get quite rowdy.  It’s a very… urban environment, which may make you uncomfortable. I would also assume you don’t have much of a desire to fly to Atlanta tonight in order to do schedule 1 drugs with the Mayor.”

I then heard the Mayor yelling in the background , “dat boy gotta drop dat verse,”  and Jerry said:  “Oh, while you can definitely skip the drug party tonight, the Mayor has asked that you sing a song with his friend ‘Gucci Mane.’ I’m not sure how familiar you are with urban music, but… -”

“-Oh I know Gucci,”  I interrupted.  “And yeah, I’m totally down to drop a verse on his next mixtape.”

Very well then. Send me the A records, and we’ll get your domain up this afternoon.”

Gucci Mane, Atlanta’s favorite son. That  Electronic Arts tattoo stands for  “East Atlanta.”

And that was that.   The domain was secured.

And we are back on the real internet.