I am working to start a blog that will be the feminine counterpart to the Daily Stormer online magazine.

I have been in discussion with several men who are part of the DS apparatus and they are very encouraging.  I am waiting for the final okay from weev and Andrew Anglin, however this idea appears to be one that is favorable.

The Daily Maiden  

Will of course focus on the concerns of Women, and especially the concerns of Women in the Nationalist, White Nationalist and Nationalsocialist movement – with emphasis on the latter.  It is based on the The NS-Frauen-Warte, a German women’s  magazine made extremely popular  during the Third Reich.

While there are many such types of online magazines attempting to capture the same ambiance as Der Frauen Warte – making the start of such a magazine a challenge, I am encouraged by the fact that the men of Daily Stormer are willing to help shepherd The Daily Maiden and their input and support is invaluable

For instance, The Daily Maiden will feature the best memes on the internet – created by the most creative meme makers,  people who have become famous for their art.

Perhaps the greatest asset for our blog/magazine is the fact that contributors – the steady and approved authors, editors and artists will receive payment for their work.  The payment won’t be enough to live on at the start of course, but it’s intended to be a token representative of appreciation for the hard work and good effort put forward by Nationalsocialist men and women. For now, the magazine will, of course, be free to those who choose to follow it, but perhaps later there will be a small subscription fee. This latter is something that will be discussed with readers and is dependent of course on the popularity of the content.

Some may say that a woman’s magazine has no business involving men – because after all it is the current year.  However, The Daily Maiden has no interest in involving judaic feminism or something known as “White Nationalist Feminism” and therefore women who object to men overseeing our effort can complain about this decision elsewhere.

For now, this short introduction will have to suffice – however, in the near future there will be further information and discussion of the blog here. I’m also considering producing a Daily Maiden Vlog that will be attendent to the blog and also directly attached to The Daily Stormer. I’m hoping to interview several people who are interesting and have impact on the current political and cultural war White men and women are fighting on a daily basis.

Please leave comments/suggestion – I am very interested in your opinions.

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  1. Hi Lily! Like you I was terminated on twitter.  They have their tricks down to a science now.  I’m done with it.  Your idea is great.  I hope you find other ladies out there on your knowledge and commitment level so when you’re busy having children soon they can step in and keep it running. Forgive my ignorance or stupidity, but I have seen comments out there that Weev is jewish.  Can you set me straight on that? I wish you well.  Can’t wait to see Daily Maiden posters at all these colleges 🙂 Your Friend,Tim

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    • No weev isn’t jewish – This rumor was started by an unknown person and the meme was picked up bu Sinead’s crowd because they are apparently at war with Daily Stormer and it’s creator, Anglin and various Admin – of which weev is one. Since anyone who disagrees with ‘WN Feminist” Sinead and her wife are called jews, I wouldn’t take either opinion seriously. They also considered people who don’t accept their Flat Erf beliefs as suspected jews.


  2. I cannot say I’d put my hand on the fire for the Daily Stormer, though it has recently produced good stuff.
    I am confident however, your moderate & passionate presence will temper the blog and will bring the verve a feminine site inherently needs. I really wish your operation will succeed and make my congrats to you.

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    • Yes. The affiliation is with Stormer but the site itself, which begin here hopefully, will be my own creation and that of the men and women who will help admin it and write for the magazine. I’m going to be busy for the next couple of months, my wedding in August is taking a lot of my time – but come fall and winter I will be working more here. Writers are always welcome to participate and express views – however, this will be a pro traditional site – no feminists with weird notions about how ‘heathen” women practiced feminism etc. No male cucks promoting feminism either, White Nationalist feminism or otherwise. No ‘Flat Erf’ promoters. No Strasserites promoting “Nazi Communism” – that sort of thing – and, oh, unless one knows for fact and can prove IT – without using rumors, fake data content, photoshop etc – then no calling contributors or readers jews.


      • You will need to make an clear introduction to the site’s policy, stating what you are willing to discuss.
        What I find crucial, apart from the subjects you are willing to cover, is the Rules of Engagement of the posters.
        Greets again for your imminent wedding.

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      • Thank you! Yes, I’m going to be very clear about the guidelines and faqs. I’m also looking for male and female contributors – the regular writers will be nominally financially compensated for their effort.

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      • I have reblogged your introduction to the new blog. You need to advertise more the idea and possibly snap some female member away from Sinny. Billy Roper & wife could maybe help sharing the blog on various platforms. I believe some blogger could post on your platform soon after it starts.

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