Cher wants you to hide DACA dreamers Ann Frank style in your house

Cher is the 137 year old Pop Princess who thinks DACA parasites from Mexico and Latin America are just like  Jewish children that you have all seen in Holocaust™    movies like ‘Schindler’s List

Cher would like for you to think of this image, when thinking of DACA ‘children’

However, since most DREAMERS are well over the age of 16, and most have lied about being 16 and are even older,  we can hardly refer to them as ‘children’.  But, Liberals want you to consider hiding DACA gangs in your attics —

Yeh, White Man, put these DREAMERS  up in your attic,  your young daughters and wives will surely be safe.

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Literally Mad: Suspected National Action Supporters Rounded Up — TradWorker

Merely declaring the White Nationalist group National Action a terrorist organization and effectively outlawing it apparently wasn’t sufficient. Even though the organization has never committed any real crimes (only absurd Orwellian political thought crimes), anybody who is associated with it or has been associated with it is being hounded and rooted out for persecution by…

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“Fuck You White People!”

Hey White People! So you think you’re groovy  because you hang out with blacks?  You believe that illegal brown person smiling at you as he waves good morning and serves you coffee thinks you’re a cool Gringo?

Sure you do.  If you’re White, you think the whole world likes you, right?  And, you also think  the whole brown world would like you even better if you Cucked Your Step a little harder as you  dance to their hot  rhythms amirite?  Sure I am.

Smile, wave, hold up a sign  !Illegals Welcome!,  shake a hand, give nearly half your paycheck  to programs that feed, house, educate and pamper –  be sure to also offer them your virgin daughters,  as reparations for your evil ancestors prickish behavior toward the PoC of the world  — that’s gonna fix all this race mess and tension right up!   Go ahead, welcome those black and brown grand-kids right into the fam, who cares if they don’t look a thing like your side of the genetic tree.

And who cares if those thousands of years of blood, sweat, sacrifice, toil and absolute love that went into ensuring you were born with blue eyes and blond hair are tossed away during one night of your daughter’s romp in a Man of Color’s exotic embrace?  Well, not your girls, for Chrissake!  You raised them better than that!

Well, here’s the thing. Your PoC colleagues, buddies and daughter’s boyfriends and sons rapper mentors hate you.  No matter how hard you cuck your fam.  Are you upset?  Nah, not so much, I know.

Yes. I’m just some ranting racist on the internet — Good Riddance to me, ya?

Yet, there is no winning here for you White People;  colonization is the deux ex-machina of justifying why you all are the worst race on the planet at the moment, maybe even all of human history.

Any time you try to talk sense to racial minorities about identity politics and PC culture, you will be shut down.  They  will throw this excuse at your face till  they are satisfied you feel like the racist garbage they  all know you are deep down.  And if you still want to have a civil and constructive discussion about these issues, they’ll  bring up slavery for good measure as well.

What’s that? African kings and their willingness to sell off their own people to Europeans had a huge role to play in the mobilization of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade?

Nope, not in  PoC  reality they didn’t,  so fuck you White Person!

Everyone knows white men become cops just so they can shoot unarmed black men. Anything you say that goes against this narrative is absolutely futile –  PoC have convinced themselves it is the absolute truth.  If you want to check that out, go on Black Twitter and suggest this isn’t the case!

PoC  expect all living White People today to feel guilty for what their ancestors did centuries ago, but don’t expect the same collective guilt from any other race and what they did to one another.

As oppressed minorities they have been waiting for their moment to shine and tell you how bigoted White People actually are.  Yes, everything wrong with the world is because of White People.  An immigrant in America wanting to be white while growing up?  Yup, blaming that on White People too.

PoC are noticing that a lot of you White People are beginning to realize all the grave injustices you have committed against minorities/marginalized groups [whichever label you prefer] in the past few centuries,  and some of you are trying to get “woke” and understand the issues facing those communities, but,  it’s really too little too late.

And while “wokeness” is  extremely noble of you,  PoC are afraid that’s just not going to work, either.  Because, fuck you for trying to be too woke, or not woke enough.  There is simply no winning with PoC, but, hey,  thanks for trying anyways.

PoC do not  think it’s so cute you  guys want to be  allies in a post-Trump America, using safety pins and whatever else you can to show them  how much you care for PoC wellbeing.

The irony is, if you ever needed allies, you’d have none. That’s right White People,  PoC will not  come and speak for you if the roles are ever reversed.  Since, because White, if some bad shit is happening to you, it’s because you deserve it.

Your only allies are other White People [let that realization sink in for a moment].

Because of how terrible White People have been to everyone else, it is totally acceptable if you guys are used as collateral in order to achieve racial equality in the world.

Sorry not sorry, because fuck you White People!


The “Daughter of Elysium” Is Dying

It’s a Sin that Ludwig Van’s 9th has been co-opted by the Jewish EU that is so diligently seeing to it that Europe never again produces another Beethoven

That the music of the gods be used so despicably is personally frustrating.

This is NOT the “Anthem of the EU/Europe” – It’s written for indigenous White Europeans if it’s to be an ‘anthem’ then it’s  – Ours Alone.



Well sit down and listen to what I have to say Soon will come a great war, a bloody but holy day

And after that purging our people will be free

And sing up in the bright skies, a sun for all to see,

Times are very tough now, for a proud white man to live

And although it may appear that this world has no life to give

Times are soon changing, this can’t go on for long

And on that joyful summer’s day, we’ll sing our victory song,

Ref: And the women they’ll smile on victory day And the children will laugh, and they’ll sing and They’ll play…And the forests will echo our grace For the brand new dawn of our race,

You are my brother and in war we proudly sing

Our cause shall never tire, our gift to you we bring

A holy creed of purpose, a mighty race to defend

And when we fly our holy flag their oppressive reign shall end,

And when we finally conquer, our people will be free

And all across this great land, the bold truth we shall see

So as we march together, to avoid catastrophe

Let’s remember always our sacred destiny