Hillary Publishing 500-Page Book Blaming Everyone for Her Loss

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 6, 2017


tfw you just can’t resist publishing a book blaming the whole world for your personal failures.

Hillary has really become an embarassment to herself, to women, to the Democrats, to everyone even remotely associated with her.

Publishing a 500-page “it’s everyone’s fault but mine” book is totally insane.


A raw and aggrieved Hillary Clinton takes ownership — to a degree — for her stunning 2016 loss to Donald Trump in her upcoming book, which offers a revealing look at the campaign through the eyes of the contest’s loser.

CNN purchased the book – “What Happened” (Simon & Schuster, 494 pages) – from a Jacksonville, Florida, bookstore a week before its widespread release.

The defeated presidential contender offers a patchwork of explanations for what, exactly, did happen last year – some of which she insists were outside her control and some she concedes were her own fault.

In a voice that swings from defiant to conciliatory to – at rare moments – deeply vulnerable, Clinton does assume ownership where the fault lines are obvious.  And in overarching terms, she admits she badly misjudged the environment in which she was running and the candidate she was running against.

But Clinton still finds ample blame to go around. She writes bluntly that sexism hampered her ability to reach voters effectively. She offers unvarnished assessments of those who have cast doubts on her campaign, including Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders, her former rival. And she singles out James Comey – a “rash FBI director” – for direct and lashing criticism.

The book also oozes with contempt for Trump, the campaign he ran and the President he has become.

[S]he lambasts media coverage of her emails, singling out The New York Times as a repeat and high-profile offender. And she wonders aloud why, after terms as first lady, US senator, secretary of state and two-time presidential candidate, the public still just doesn’t seem to like her.

Ha ha ha ha HA!



Is there anything more embarrassing? This is like a crappier version of the Elliot Rodger manifesto.

“What makes me such a lightning rod for fury? I’m really asking. I’m at a loss,” she asks her readers, before concluding: “I think it’s partly because I’m a woman.”


Yes, that is part of it, in a way. I would say. Women in general are disgusting.

But it’s more the type of woman that you are: the kind that reminds people of a nasty old school teacher.


Generally, just an unlikable and gross person.

“I think it’s fair to say that I didn’t realize how quickly the ground was shifting under all our feet,” she writes. “I was running a traditional presidential campaign with carefully thought-out policies and painstakingly built coalitions, while Trump was running a reality TV show that expertly and relentlessly stoked Americans’ anger and resentment.”

Yes. And you were telling angry people they didn’t have a right to be angry, and should just accept everything that you, your husband, Obama, George Bush, and the entire rest of the establishment did to them.

She also apparently vows to take revenge on Russia:

And she describes her regret at not facing Russian leader Vladimir Putin as a US president — a form of vengeance she can now only imagine.

“There’s nothing I was looking forward to more than showing Putin that his efforts to influence our election and install a friendly puppet had failed,” she writes. “I know he must be enjoying everything that’s happened instead. But he hasn’t had the last laugh yet.”

What a nasty old bitch.

Why doesn’t she just go away? What is the point of obsessively humiliating herself by refusing to leave the public eye?

I’m actually a little bit interested in what’s in this book.

I will review it if she sends me a review copy. But I’m not giving this craggy whore my money.

Cher wants you to hide DACA dreamers Ann Frank style in your house

Cher is the 137 year old Pop Princess who thinks DACA parasites from Mexico and Latin America are just like  Jewish children that you have all seen in Holocaust™    movies like ‘Schindler’s List

Cher would like for you to think of this image, when thinking of DACA ‘children’

However, since most DREAMERS are well over the age of 16, and most have lied about being 16 and are even older,  we can hardly refer to them as ‘children’.  But, Liberals want you to consider hiding DACA gangs in your attics —

Yeh, White Man, put these DREAMERS  up in your attic,  your young daughters and wives will surely be safe.

Link to story Cher


Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 5, 2017

You are NOT America, you filthy fucking rat! WE ARE AMERICA! And you’re not going to be fearless when ICE kicks in your door!



President’s full statement on end of DACA3The so-called “DREAMers” program was in fact about creating a total nightmare for the people of this country by forcing us to support a population of blood-sucking parasites.

The nightmare is over now, with Trump taking away their illegally-granted “rights” to feed off of our blood like greasy leeches.

Even in the face of the greatest adversity that any man has ever faced, Trump abides. And he continues to make America great again by giving it back to the people it belongs to. To the people who built it. To us, the people.

This has restored my faith in the man – something which, though I hadn’t really mentioned it, had been slightly waning.

This is not just a symbolic victory (although it is that too, bigly). It is a real life victory.

I didn’t even expect this to actually happen.

There are at least a million of these greasy bloodsuckers roaming our country – now all eligible to be rounded up and send the fuck back to their cesspit.

And this is really, really going to piss off a lot of Jews.

On a scale you’ve not seen yet.

Or… maybe you saw it when he defended us re: Charlottesville.

But it’s going to be that level of rage.


Sorry, Pedro.

The dream of living off the labor of my people is over now.

You’d better start dreaming about joining a cartel instead, you worth 81 IQ pig.

Hopefully the Mexicops don’t dress you up in women’s underwear when they arrest you, you wetback monkey.