Daily Stormer: Negro Felon League’s Season Opener is a Rating’s Disaster

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
September 9, 2017

Whites are losing interest in the Negro Felon League. The ratings don’t lie!

The National Football League more commonly known these days as the Negro Felon League continues to lose support. White working class males who have historically represented the NFL’s core fan base are quickly losing interest.

Ratings for Thursday’s season opener were terrible.

LA Times:

The NFL opened the 2017 season Thursday night to its lowest television ratings in eight years.NBC’s broadcast of the Kansas City Chiefs’ stunning 42-27 upset of the New England Patriots drew an overnight rating of 14.6. That’s down nearly 12% from the 16.5 posted by the Denver Broncos-Carolina Panthers season kickoff from a year ago.

That’s bad news for the NFL since the ratings had also dropped for the 2016 opener, down approximately 7% from the 17.7 rating posted the previous year, when the Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers played in the first game of the season.

Much of the continued disenchantment with the NFL originates from the fact that the players have little if anything in common with the fan base. The NFL is filled with violent, uncivilized Negro savages who are showing a greater amount of disrespect for their fans and the country as a whole.

Many Negro players have chosen not to stand while the national anthem is played at the start of games. This all started with the now unemployed mongrel quarterback Colin Kaepernick who began kneeling during the national anthem. Other players have followed Kaepernick’s disrespectful example including a player for the Kansas City Chiefs in Thursday’s game.


Needless to say, this stupidity has pissed off the NFL’s White fan base who view themselves as patriotic Americans. It is a big reason why Kaepernick hasn’t signed on with another team. Franchise owners are afraid that Kaepernick will ruin their brand and impact their bottom line.

Even the mainstream sports media believes that Kaepernick’s actions have led to the NFL’s declining ratings. What they don’t grasp is that the NFL’s ratings and ticket sales are only going to get worse. Whites who are dealing with racial diversity on a regular basis are going to be less willing to spend money to watch a bunch of Negroes chase after a ball.

Adding insult to injury is the fact that many of the high profile White NFL players like Tom Brady are in their final playing years. Hilariously enough, the NFL’s corporate leadership previously went out of their way to demonize Brady claiming he cheated with deflated footballs. Brady has been one of the NFL’s most marketable and likable players and they tried to destroy his brand with a manufactured scandal. Meanwhile, we have multiple Negro players committing crimes, doing drugs and engaging in all sorts of crazy behavior. But yes, accusations of deflated football use is a more important and pressing matter according to the NFL.

The NFL’s best days are in the past. They’re not doing themselves any favors by embracing the culture of niggerism that is now a main staple of the league. Whites everywhere should boycott the NFL until it is driven into cultural irrelevancy.

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