My Beautiful Friend

You’ll never be old to me, beautiful friend, for  your beauty seems just the same as it was when I first saw your lovely eyes. Let the cold winters’ passing strip the leaves off your proud summers,  the beautiful springs turning to yellow autumns all in the course of Nature’s advancing

Aprils full of perfumed flowers, burn up hot Junes all running away from the day I first saw you, and knew I had loved you forever upon first glancing that passed between Us – You still today as fresh as then, my eternal soul stopping to bend and sway before you, still fresh and green —-

O, but beauty’s hand is like a clock wiping away  youth; yet her hand stops to rest upon your cheek — stopping to move so slowly that no one can see the time eroding.  In this way your sweet beauty seems to be standing still but is actually changing and though my eyes may be deceived,

I love you still as if You are forever young.  Because, before you were born, the greatest examples of Timeless  Beauty were already dead.


Wehrmacht soldier on a horse.

I Lied ….

I lied in those poems I wrote  before where I said
 I couldn’t love you any more than I did already.
Back then I had no reason to think that my love,  which was already burning intensely, could burn any brighter.
Instead,  I was depending on  the passage of time —
 together with the millions of unexpected events that can come between lovers’  promises and change even the laws of time  —
That might darken a lover’s sacred beauty,  take the edge off  a lover’s keenest intentions, and force the strongest minds to adapt to changing circumstances.
Why didn’t I say back then,  when I was worried about time’s destructive power,
“I love you best in the  now” ?

I was so certain of my feelings  despite the uncertainty of our lives, and I was ready to say my present happiness was complete,  though I had doubts about everything to come.


Love Itself is a childlike thing of wonder:  Cupid, the god of love, is always depicted as a Baby Boy

If Love  itself is a baby,  wouldn’t it have been natural for me to have said

that my love  for you  was fully  grown, though it keeps growing?
Is there anything more perfect than a lazy morning with her??? #UnconditionalLove