Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 5, 2017

You are NOT America, you filthy fucking rat! WE ARE AMERICA! And you’re not going to be fearless when ICE kicks in your door!



President’s full statement on end of DACA3The so-called “DREAMers” program was in fact about creating a total nightmare for the people of this country by forcing us to support a population of blood-sucking parasites.

The nightmare is over now, with Trump taking away their illegally-granted “rights” to feed off of our blood like greasy leeches.

Even in the face of the greatest adversity that any man has ever faced, Trump abides. And he continues to make America great again by giving it back to the people it belongs to. To the people who built it. To us, the people.

This has restored my faith in the man – something which, though I hadn’t really mentioned it, had been slightly waning.

This is not just a symbolic victory (although it is that too, bigly). It is a real life victory.

I didn’t even expect this to actually happen.

There are at least a million of these greasy bloodsuckers roaming our country – now all eligible to be rounded up and send the fuck back to their cesspit.

And this is really, really going to piss off a lot of Jews.

On a scale you’ve not seen yet.

Or… maybe you saw it when he defended us re: Charlottesville.

But it’s going to be that level of rage.


Sorry, Pedro.

The dream of living off the labor of my people is over now.

You’d better start dreaming about joining a cartel instead, you worth 81 IQ pig.

Hopefully the Mexicops don’t dress you up in women’s underwear when they arrest you, you wetback monkey.


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