My Dad’s Israel-Trump Joke

I know, I know Chateau Heartiste is a little too soft on White women being slutty.

I don’t encourage that either, but this is a good comment on today’s events and Israel leaking Trump’s attempt at escaping his  current and unreported hostage drama that started to play out in Mid March, when he about faced on America and started doing crazy stuff like bombing Syria because Ivanka cried over a photograph.  Trump was obviously taken hostage by jews around then – probably Soros and Jared Kushner.  I doubt he will try another effort to escape after this latest betrayal by Israel  though

This is my dad’s latest running joke, btw:

Israel to Trump : You’re not to give information to Russia or any ally without first letting us know what that information is and getting our permission.

Israel to Trump : You acted on your own and gave American information about Syria to Russia to help Russia win the same war you’re fighting for us?!

We’re going to crucify you in the American and International press. How dare you not listen to us. Who do you work for anyway? Russia or Israel?

TRUMP: I work for the American people!

Israel: What?! Are You fucking retarded ??!

Stalin Video: Clearing up misconceptions

Misunderstanding the Strasser brothers and using one source to hinge a global opinion on is often a dangerous and weird intellectual pursuit. Please study more and stop misleading people. Nationalsocialism has nothing to do with what you’re proposing here. It’s one thing to dislike ‘Hitlerites’ and quite another to completely negate what Nationalsocialism is.

National Revolution Now

Due to the recent comments and shitstorm over the video “Why Stalin Wasn’t Evil”, I would like to clear a few things up.

Most of my info on Stalin comes from the Kerry Bolton books.  Kerry Bolton is a National Socialist writer in New Zealand. I highly recommend you check them out to increase your knowledge.

Just because someone praises someone, does not mean they are of the same ideology or agrees with them 100%. Stalin is very misunderstood. He was a leader who caught Russia up with the west.  Stalin was fighting the Global elite, he just saw it as organizations and not a Jewish conspiracy.  The best part about Stalin is he gave Jews a taste of their own medicine, at least after ww2.

Our Ideology is Strasserism and we take a lot from the old American Socialists like Jack London and Father Coughlin. It’s not uncommon…

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