The Holocaust™


I am unable to locate the following items of Holocaust™  evidentiary material in any archive:

1 steam chamber (IMT XXXII 153-158, III 567);
1 electrical chamber (IMT VII 576-577, XII 369);
1 German atomic bomb (for instant cremation work at Auschwitz)
(IMT XVI 529);
1 tree (used as murder weapon) (IMT VII 582);
1 portable oven (IMT VII 586);
1 pedal-driven brain bashing machine (IMT VII 376-377);
1 bone-grinding machine (IMT VII 439, 549-550, 446, 593);
1 spanking machine (IMT VI 213);
1 lampshade of human skin (IMT XXXII 258, 259, 261, 263, 265, 269);
1 pocket book and 1 pair of driving gloves, all of human skin
(IMT XXX 352, 355);
1 pornographic picture painted on canvas of human skin (IMT XXX 469);
1 book bound in human skin (IMT VI 331);
1 saddle, 1 pair of riding breeches, 1 glove, 1 house slipper,
1 ladies’ handbag, all of human skin (IMT V 171);
1 torture box (disguised as an ordinary wardrobe)
(IMT XVI 561, 546,556-557);
1 chair stuffed with human hair (IMT XIX 506);
1 mattress stuffed with human hair (IMT I, 252)
1 pair of human hair socks (IMT XXXIX 552-553, XX 353
1 jar of human soap (IMT VII 597-601);
1 piece of tanned human skin (IMT VII 600);
1 gas van (IMT VII 571);
1 door mat made of human hair (NMT V 1119-1152, Trial of Oswald Pohl).

We know these objects existed, because they were “proven” at Nuremberg by means of “official documents” and “sworn statements”.

But,  nobody knows where any of it is. Could it be in Israel?  Please advise. I should be most grateful for any assistance in this matter

3 thoughts on “The Holocaust™

  1. You forgot the masturbation machine, or is that what the spanking machine is listed above? Someone posted a copy of an article where the persecuted claimed they were placed in a room and a machine was forced on them……

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