Tales of The Holocaust ™

When a hoax as outrageous as The Holocaust™  is perpetrated on the entire world, it’s not enough to just let it die a natural death – as it very obviously and thankfully appears to be.
Accounts must settled between the Goyim and the jews.  Penalties issued.  But, how will this happen if we don’t present the wild and weird tales we have been asked to not only believe happened but which  have also  been made into a catechism for Goyim to accept as part of their faith, becoming a permanent pattern added to our  lives.
Holocaustianity – the religion that emerged after WW2 fails to nourish younger generations, people who either reject the incredible claims of jews outright/ people who just don’t care about an alleged event that happened 75 years ago.
I want to present some of these stories because people must never forget, as the jews like to say.  Indeed, we  must never forget the awful Hoax that has been cynically created so as to force us to bend to and obey  the jews’ every whim and desire in the post WW2 world. If we object or refuse to submit, we have The Holocaust tossed in our faces by jews who swear we owe them not only our lives but the lives of our children and their children.
Johanna van Haarlem’s Hilarious Holocaust Story

While reading an article about the escapades of Czech spy Vaclav Jelinek in his espionage missions in England,  the following passage about Jelinek’s nom de guerre’s mother: Johanna van Haarlem.

I quote:

She had grown up in The Hague, in Holland, and was an 18-year-old virgin when she met his father on a train, in November 1943.  Gregor Kulig was a Nazi. He was blue-eyed, 23, and Polish. Handsome. At a party four weeks later, she said, he raped her.

And when her father discovered she was pregnant, he exploded. “You are a sinner!” he told her. He ordered her to take the child to a distant town and give him away.

Full of sadness and desperation, in autumn 1944 Johanna travelled to Czechoslovakia by train. After a brief effort to survive there as a single mother, she walked into an orphanage in Holesovice, Prague. Sobbing, she kissed baby Erwin goodbye, and returned to Holland alone.

Her father – a Jew who had joined the National Socialist Movement to protect his family – destroyed the adoption papers and banned her from ever speaking about her son.’ (1)

Yes: you read that right.

Johanna van Haarlem was a jew in the Netherlands;  whose jewish father joined the Dutch National Socialist Movement and thus apparently wasn’t sent to an extermination camp in Eastern Europe.

Not only was van Haarlam’s father a jewish National Socialist and thus apparently very special. She was also seduced by a fanatical Nazi and Polish member of the Luftwaffe named Gregor Kulig.

Who she now claims ‘raped her at a party’ in November 1943 when she was an eighteen year old virgin and by whom she conceived a son – who she named Erwin – whose identity Jelinek assumed at the behest of Czech Secret Service in the 1970s.

Not only did van Haarlem manage to have a jewish baby in the middle of the so-called ‘Holocaust™’, but she also managed to cross Europe by train on her own volition in the closing months of 1944  –  when the Red Army was rapidly advancing in the East and the Western allies pulverising the Third Reich’s railways – she and the baby were also close to the epicentre of the roundups of jews for (alleged) extermination and she managed to — unsuccessfully –  live as a single mother in Prague before giving up Erwin for adoption.

One wonders about the naïve credulity of people who believe this sort of story, while also believing the  ‘Holocaust™’  is assumed to have been a real event.

]The ‘Holocaust™’ is a magic article of faith that cannot be subject to any critical scrutiny whatsoever.\

8 thoughts on “Tales of The Holocaust ™

      • Did you happen to read that open post of Aryanskynet on judaism, I have indicated to you? I’d appreciate your opinion (do not need to post there if you wish not).

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      • I have deserted that thread. You will read why.

        Btw, I have seen that Sinny has name-called Brian Ruhe ‘a jew’.. Poor gal.

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      • I saw that too – Brian Ruhe is a kook but he’s no jew SmDh…. Her following on twitter has gone from a couple thousand to a couple hundred – she’s bored everyone I think with her shrike voice, calling everyone who disagrees with her a kike etc… that, and her “White Nationalist Feminism” when what we really desperately need now is “White Sharia” –

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      • A very questionnable behaviour indeed, Sinny’s one. In some occasions she was smart enough to pin the truth. Her music parodies are a punch in the stomach, but they are a great and simple means to raise instant awareness. About most of the rest instead, let’s lower the awning..

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