5 thoughts on “Parallelwelten..

  1. It shows the Contamination of our (imposed) reality. Mixing reality with fake Contrails .
    Wild panorama with Chemtrails. Lies with truth..

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  2. Ion, you have noticed a poster posts often Flat Earth related articles on my blog. I know you have some objection on the issue.
    ” I don’t know if the Earth is flat or a sphere. All I know is, Nasa has been feeding us with capital Lies for decades”.
    I could answer like the vlogger who spoke the above indicated words. Furthermore, I strongly encourage any kind of critical stance against the system. Being critical, helps rejecting the ever lies of the globo-regime.

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    • I’d queestion NASA – in fact I do – but the earth is round, I have flown around the globe enough to see this with my own eyes… Flat Earthers are a strange lot who have a messianic need to convince others of their view/opinion. I don’t think they’re stupid to believe as they do, but the few I’ve attempted to exchange views with on the subject have – to a person – told me I’m nuts and stupid to believe the earth is round. In the end, I don’t see that it really matters ….


      • We dont have the instruments to prove it beyond any doubt. Im not a supporter of flat earth, but I disbelieve what they have been feeding us with. Btw, I know pilots who are FE supporters. Nasa is a cradle of deception and comedy. My only intent on that topic is to stimulate welcome, hyper criticism against the system and imposed fake values, regardless of the controversial FE topic itself. Id suggest to watch some of the info my poster provided, with open mind since agreeing with the full vision is not necessary. There are some points which are worth examining though.

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  3. Don’t engage in futile discussions on the net. Now, some truthers look at the FE issue as a marginal problem. Others consider it an issue that can divide.
    In my blog I try to keep the comment board tuned on a ‘ongoing and relaxed’ tone. Thus, I don’t admit personal attacks.
    Hence, whether you wish to post an inquiry or else, feel free to do it being confident to meet quite a controlled environment.
    You (already) know you are welcome.

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