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WEEVE discusses the CIA and IT Stuff

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Daily Stormer
March 10, 2017


Vladimir and Pyotr steal your cybers, сука!
So this Vault 7 thing happened and people ask me to comment on it because I’m a cybersecurity expert. I’m really just a dude that likes fucking around with other people’s computers and devices in fun ways for entertainment. When people ask me to comment on cybersecurity I feel like a graffiti artist that is getting asked about the Italian renaissance. My expertise about Caravaggio is actually far deeper than my expertise on modern memory corruption techniques.

You don’t need a deep expertise on hacking to understand this story, however. This is not really a story about cybersecurity. This is a story about government waste. This is a story about the CIA spending a hundred billion dollars on a pile of stuff that is only useful if it stays secret and then it getting released by Wikileaks. This is yet another strategic failure on the part of the neo-Cohens. This is like phasing out the A-10 Warthog for an overpriced pile of garbage from Lockheed that proved itself not remotely useful for killing brown foreigners. It is another case of the swamp utterly failing to understand the problems the American people face above the problems its lobbyists face.

The real reason the feds paid so much for these 0days is that they are weird perverts psychologically and financially invested in a future of weird perverts. The neo-Cohen obsession with cyberwar is utterly destructive for the United States. It is a redefinition of global conflict that the United States is born to lose. We cannot win the cyberwar. You know why? We have the newest electronic infrastructure. Ergo, we have the most vulnerable electronic infrastructure.

I left America to live in various Eastern European locales. Here they do not put all the records into the computers. There is always a paper to get the paper to get the paper. Transactions here are less about public key cryptography and hash algorithms and more about a babushka that has been looking at stamps since Stalin told her to start doing it and you just aren’t going to fool her no matter how hard you try. No hash standard you would currently be advised to use has been securing transactions as long as the babushka. You might laugh, but that is not a joke. SHA-2 was first published in 2001. The old woman in the bureau office has been doing this since far before the Soviet Union fell.

The whole world is like this outside the USA. We have more stuff that can kill enemies than anybody else, and also more stuff to hack than anyone else. Why do we want to incentivize the creation of digital weapons over classical ones?

Automating every social function is the hallmark a world of rampant scale3. It matters if Jews have destroyed your civilization with greed. For example, everyone obsesses over power grid security these days. In the 1950s we didn’t worry about the PLCs2 of our grid being compromised. Nothing had computers on it. Instead of a PLC we had big physical regulation mechanisms of copper and lead driven by electrical engineers. Dudes would stand up and move big hunks of metal and things worked just fine. You know what changed? Power plants were privatized and then publicly traded and some Jew got told by a dude selling Siemens equipment that he could replace the electrical engineers with a piece of software and it would generate an extra penny a share somewhere. Now power plants get hacked and power gets shut off and electricity industry people are asking about a method of ensuring software correctness called formal verification and nobody I know in the whole world has actually deployed a complete formally verified system anywhere. Educated workforces were cut to make us less safe, and now we don’t even have enough skilled laborers to go back to the way things were before.

America’s expensive financial obsession with cyberwar offense is equivalent to spending all your security budget on flamethrowers when you’re tasked to guard a fireworks factory. We will get hacked more than anyone else. That is going to be a constant. Why do our leaders act like this? It seems pathological.

There is another category of people obsessed with the cyberwar, and very afraid of hacks and leaks. Weird perverts. Pedophiles, or people with sexual fetishes so bizarre and gross that revealing them will destroy their personal lives. These people are very concerned with the prospect of loss of security. These people are mostly Jews.


Remember the 6 gorillion software exploits, goyim.
I have in all my years as an avant-garde hacker only seen one politician with any level of sense in regards to cybersecurity. His name is Donald J. Trump. He said that computers were not safe and that he uses a courier instead. That’s like the babushka. If you have something important you should put it in the hands of a trusted member of your community, not a sniveling newcomer with a piece of metal and plastic made by chinks. You would only do the latter if you were a fool. For too long in America, we’ve been fools.

My laptop is owned. My phone is owned. I am not worried about that, because I’m not a weird pervert and I’m not stealing from anyone. What I am worried about is how Jews and blacks threw me in prison and tortured me for telling the public its infrastructure is compromised2. That I live in a culture that is increasingly hostile towards those that speak the truth for the sole benefit of parasitic nonwhites and the plastic chink garbage they desire to replace the white working class with. Only forces of social decay would be more concerned with making a convenient device perfectly secure from remote compromise (hint hint, it’ll never exist) instead of a healthy community perfectly secure from sexual deviants and violent foreigners.

I think the loss of this pile of cyberweapons is a good thing. I think America’s obsession with stockpiling software vulnerabilities deserved a kick in the teeth. I think this is a good point to part ways with the failing people we’ve hitched ourselves to as a nation – perhaps even abolish the CIA completely. We need to come together as a people and realize that the penny per share comes with lots of hidden consequences. We need to realize that the histrionic screeching of weird perverts is irrelevant and we should just gas them. We need to acknowledge that Donald J. Trump was right: you’ll never have a computer that is secure and that you cannot trust these things with every social function ever.