Anne Hathaway Women’s Empowerment

The message of Feminism is still this: Women who marry and/or become mothers are still at a terrible disadvantage over those barren sisters who choose to abort/not have/or cannot have children:

The very overt overtone in [Hathaway’s]  speech though is that women still need to be liberated.  Hathaway’s poor Mom couldn’t be a career woman because she took care of her three children.  Worse yet, she was underappreciated and under compensated.

Alternatively, Mothers who do go on leave can’t get ahead in their career because they’re breeders

Source: Anne Hathaway Women’s Empowerment

3 thoughts on “Anne Hathaway Women’s Empowerment

  1. Reblogged this on rudolfblog and commented:
    It’s the modern myth of women liBBeration from “patriarchy”.
    A woman who states to have children and raise them up as a committed mother must have the substantial support of the family, community and government.

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    • Without a husband to support her and her children, a woman doesn’t raise her kids, a daycare center /public school does. So she shouldn’t be shocked when, by 15 years old, they’re totally messed up, disrespectful and on drugs/pregnant/or otherwise ruining their lives. All the state wants them to do is vote for Communists / Democrats and give up their nation’s borders in exchange for Globalism, which is just Communism 2.0

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      • Yes. The goal of the system is to create slaves. That’s why the matter of having & raising kids properly is critical. Today, more than ever.

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