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One of the things that so many people seem to fail to grasp is that things change and sometimes, they can change rather quickly. Now, this may sound like a no-brainer statement but the sad fact of the matter is that most people’s historical perspective is limited to their own lifetime. The younger a person is, the more apt this is to apply to them.


TFW someone tells you that one day you may well be on the receiving end of the harassment.

The leftists continue to double down on their preferred methods of attempting to silence us by getting us fired or harassed for our political opinions, never once stopping to consider the precedent they are setting. They assume that because right now the people in control of most of these institutions are sympathetic to their cause or are afraid of their never ending whining that they will always be able to do this so they have nothing to fear.

6666          Imagine: just a few short years before the country was dominated by people sympathetic to or who were outright Communists. 

In Europe you can be literally thrown in prison for non approved speech. By non approved I mean mostly any speech not approved by Jews. How do you frame Holocaust denial laws in any way other than speech censored on behalf of Jews? How do you hide who is behind that? Where will the backlash be directed when and if the tide suddenly changes? Among our own people, it is sometimes easy to get discouraged because it can seem that we are fighting an insurmountable level of apathy and stupidity in trying to save our people and push the Marxists out of power. Yet, you have to remember that most people are just like sheep or cattle in that they will follow the herd. If you’ve never herded cattle before, let Grandpa Lampshade give you a brief primer. You get these cows bunched up and you are pushing them along the fence line and everything is going just fine. You can see the gate open at the end and all you have to do is herd them along a little further and then push them through the gate and you are done. However, all of the sudden a couple of them decide to bolt away.


Now, if you were unfamiliar with bovine behavior you might think, “Meh, we’ll come back and get those two later let’s first finish pushing the rest where we want them to go. But you see, it doesn’t work like that. As soon as a few bolt a few more will instinctively follow and if you don’t head them off quickly, the entire herd that you have so diligently gathered up will all bolt and then scatter and you will be starting all over from scratch. People are the much the same way. Sure, right now the Marxists are continuing to push the herd and they seem to be more or less obediently ambling along the fence line. However, more and more of us are bolting so they are trying to quickly round us up (i.e. shut us down) before the rest of the herd collectively decides, “This is the direction everyone else is going, we need to go too!” It is not necessary to get the mass of people in society to suddenly reasonably consider our truthful arguments and make a rational decision to join us. They only need to feel that suddenly the change in direction is happening and they will instinctively follow in and run with it. This all can take place faster than you can imagine. When you see the Marxists screaming about shutting us down and frantically passing laws to silence us and banning our presence online, they are attempting to keep the herd from bolting with us. However it is impossible for them to chase after us without raising such a commotion that the others who are still in the herd don’t notice us. This can lead to what they fear the most: stampede.

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