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Israeli news source YNet has inadvertently denied The Holocaust. You see this is a remarkably easy thing to do, because the details of the orthodox narrative are both extremely inflexible (i.e. you ‘must’ accept such and such otherwise you are technically a ‘Holocaust denier’) and largely unknown outside of academic and lay specialists.

In this particular case YNet asserted, I assume correctly, that there are 70,000 ‘Holocaust Survivors’ in Israel, which of course means there are a probably the same again (if not more) in the Diaspora. (1)
The problem with this is that one of the most important and agreed upon details of the orthodox narrative is that all children (i.e. anyone not in their early to mid-teens) were immediately killed by the Germans since they could not work and were therefore of little value (in the German parlance of the time ‘useless eaters’) to the war effort.

So therefore if there were 3.5 million ‘Holocaust Survivors’ in 1950; (2) it therefore follows that most of these would not have been child survivors because these would have been exterminated and therefore must have been at least adolescents. Those children that did survive would – according to this narrative – have been the exception not the rule (i.e. they were hidden, passed off as gentiles etc) and thus a small minority.

Yet if this is so then how – 71 years after the end of the Second World War – are there 70,000 ‘Holocaust Survivors’ in Israel in 2016 alone out of a total population of 3.5 million in 1950?

If we say that a ‘Holocaust Survivor’ should have in most cases have been aged 13 or older (to be generous) in order not to be exterminated as a ‘useless eater’ per the orthodox narrative: then the average age of ‘Holocaust Survivors’ should be 84. Yet as it happens the average age of ‘Holocaust Survivors’ is 79 not 84, while only a quarter of ‘Holocaust Survivors’ are over 85. (3)

In other words: the average ‘Holocaust Survivor’ that is alive today was 8 in 1945 and 8 year old (let alone younger) jews would have been exterminated according to the orthodox historical narrative. Only circa 25% percent of ‘Holocaust Survivors’’ are of the correct age range where they would not have been exterminated by the Germans according to the accepted narrative.

In addition given the systemic mass ill-treatment, experimentation and torture that was allegedly perpetrated on these jews. It therefore follows that there should have also been an increased mortality among ‘Holocaust Survivors’, but this does not seem to have been the case.

Therefore by suggesting that there are so many ‘Holocaust Survivors’ today: YNet indirectly contradicts the orthodox narrative and therefore per force can be said have denied the ‘Holocaust’.

In other news: the French President Francois Hollande has formally acknowledged the French role in alleged ‘extermination of the gypsies’ by the Third Reich. (4)

My my!

The Nazis seem to have attempted to ‘exterminate’ everyone – Jews, Gypsies, Blacks, Poles, Russians, Christians, Communists, Socialists, Homosexuals, the disabled – and found both the time and resources to do so, while fighting to the largest war in history to the bitter end!

That being said: you can bet that the ‘Holocaust’ industry will find some way to monetize this formal admission by the French President.

I think we can reasonably expect to see public demands for outrageous sums of money from the French taxpayer’s pocket sooner rather than later.

In related news: the Holocaust Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida has been broken into and the offender convicted for the crime. However the Washington Times did manage to make the following unintentionally hilarious observation:

‘Authorities say nothing was damaged during a break-in at the Florida Holocaust Museum, but it’s not clear what the intruder wanted inside.’ (5)

Perhaps the intruder wished to steal a well-used shoe or some hair from the exhibits?

However other than that the Washington Times is quite right. There is nothing of real value in just about any Holocaust Museum for the simple reason that there is no little evidence of the event and therefore physical exhibits are pretty much non-existent unlike in most non-Holocaust museums.

In other museum-related news: the Dallas Holocaust Museum – one wonders what precisely has Dallas to do with the ‘Holocaust’ – is now set to have a brand new site built for it. (6) Just think what that money could be better spent on: veterans, schools, healthcare… but no it has to be spent on promoting the ‘Holocaust’ narrative to impressionable children and adults intent on virtue-signalling.

Speaking of promoting The Holocaust narrative; Mel Gibson has been given another tongue-lashing this week for his statements about the ‘Holocaust’ by an ignoramus named Roger Friedman at ShowBiz411.

He writes that:

‘His unpublished remarks, according to the Digest’s publisher, were shocking. Gibson actually ridiculed the historically acknowledged number of Jews killed by Hitler.

Of the Holocaust, Gibson told Noonan: “I mean when the war was over they said it was 12 million. Then it was six. Now it’s four. I mean it’s that kind of numbers game …

This was at the time that The Passion of the Christ was released. Readers Digest sent me the outtakes and I published them on August 2, 2006. Gibson was not drunk when he spoke to Noonan.’ (7)

Friedman doesn’t seem to understand that the ‘6 million’ number, which Gibson ridiculed is not ‘historically acknowledged’ let alone ‘historically established’. It is number that regularly appears as an actual or potential total jewish casualty figure in ‘Shoah’ events in the late nineteenth century (and which I have traced back in this context as far as 1840).

The post-war rationalisation of it notwithstanding the figure has little to no factual or statistical basis, but is rather a symbolic total that was ‘established’ by Allied propaganda and underground resistance publications as early as 1943/1944.

More specifically Gibson was referring to the modification of the official ‘death totals’ at Auschwitz (from four to one million), which alludes to the uncomfortable reality that in ‘Holocaust Studies’ when a casualty figure becomes implausible at one location. Then rather than modify the total death figure to reflect this change proponents of the orthodox historical narrative simply transfer the casualties to another more plausible camp or segment of the ‘Holocaust’ story.

Hence the recent attempts to shift the focus away from the ‘gas chambers’ of the camps and onto the firing squads of the Einsatzgruppen as the main method of extermination. Death squads are at least plausible, while magic gas chambers whose means of functioning remains surrounded in perpetual mystery and contradiction.

The historically illiterate Friedman apparently knows nothing of this and instead implies that any right-thinking person would have to be drunk to make Gibson’s statement. The fact is however that Gibson is quite right while Friedman is quite wrong.

Similarly David Irving has come under fire from one Justin Ferenzi in the ‘Brown Daily Herald’ with the latter claiming, based upon Deborah Lipstadt’s laughably ignorant book ‘Denying History’ (which is remarkably unaware of almost any revisionist literature that isn’t in English or from the 1980s or early 1990s), in his review of ‘Denial’ that:

‘The film’s greatest accomplishment is its refusal to allow Irving any slack. Though it is revealed that neglect and abuse during his childhood in the 1940s caused him to find comfort in the demagoguery of Adolf Hitler, “Denial” paints him as pathetic rather than deserving of sympathy.’ (8)

In the first instance Irving has never ever to my knowledge been an admirer of Adolf Hitler. He did however write a biography of Hitler based upon a vast amount of research in the archives and thus authored a superb piece of diligent scholarship based upon the archival evidence rather than other historian’s interpretations of widely known and cited documents.

In the second Ferenzi is engaging in bargain basement psychoanalysis. Irving’s sympathy, or lack of it, with Adolf Hitler is irrelevant. For the same reason we still respectfully read and considered say Francis Wheen’s apologetic defence of Karl Marx even though Wheen has openly admitted to be an ardent fan of Marx’s in a separate work (‘Reading Capital’).

Holding ideological views don’t render your work irrelevant or wrong, but rather are a factor for others to consider when critically examining your argument. Irving’s critics have never done that – although Richard Evans likes to claim that he has – but like Peter Longerich are quite happy to use his work without citation and then reproduce it as their own research.

This pro-Holocaust religious fanaticism has been exemplified this week by the Jerusalem Post publishing an article denouncing all attempts to compare or contextualise the so-called ‘Holocaust’. (9) The ‘Holocaust’ must remain an unquestioned and unique historical event to which the ordinary rules of evidence and scholarly revision no longer apply.

Several examples of just how crazy this fanaticism is have also been printed this week.

First off we have Nesse Godin; who has been awarded a certificate by the US Navy for doing her best to indoctrinate future sailors into the religion Holocaustianity. Godin’s story is related as follows by the Capital Gazette:

‘Superintendent Vice Admiral Ted Carter will give Nesse Godin a certificate of appreciation for her work with academy. Godin, who was born in 1928 into an observant Lithuanian Jewish family, has given lectures at the academy on the midshipmen’s “professional and individual responsibility to make ethical decisions and help prevent genocide and mass atrocities in the future,” according to a news release.

Godin, of Silver Spring, recently announced she would retire from speaking engagements, according to the release. She will receive the certificate at a ceremony Wednesday morning at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

In June of 1941, the Nazis invaded Godin’s town, Siauliai, home to more than 10,000 Jews. She and her family were forced to live in a ghetto for about two years, according to the museum’s website. Her father was deported to Auschwitz, where he and thousands of others were killed in the gas chambers.

Godin, her mother and one of her brothers were eventually deported to the Stutthof concentration camp. She would be sent to several other concentration camps over the years. And in January 1945, she was one of the 1,000 female prisoners sent on a death march, where they were forced to march in the cold with no food, water or rest.

When the Soviet army liberated the group about three months later, only 200 women were still alive, according to the website.’ (10)

There are three obvious issues with her story.

Her age checks out and her origin story is reasonable, but she claims that her father was ‘deported to Auschwitz where he was gassed’. The problem here is that had the Germans actually been seeking to exterminate jews at Auschwitz then they would have deported the whole family to be gassed not just the presumably able-bodied father.

Auschwitz is well-known – even in orthodox literature – to have been a large number of small work camps surrounding a much larger work camp complex. Only a small part of this larger complex was allegedly dedicated to the extermination of jews and other undesirables.

The second issue is that we know that there is no evidence concerning which individual jews were gassed and which died for different reasons such as disease, ill-treatment, accidents and/or natural causes.

Thus Godin doesn’t actually have evidence that her father was ‘gassed at Auschwitz’, but rather because he died there she assumes that he must have been gassed by the Germans.

However as before stated the manner of his deportation directly suggests he was being transported to the camp in order to work rather than be subjected to ‘special treatment’.

The third issue is Godin appears to believe that Stutthof was a ‘concentration camp’ when in fact it, like Auschwitz, is another one of the alleged German ‘death camps’ in the East.

Why doesn’t Godin know this?

Presumably because she never saw or subsequently heard much about the gas chambers of Stuffhof, but did hear a great deal about those of Auschwitz.

Thus we can see that Godin’s story quickly comes apart when we but know some simple details about the orthodox ‘Holocaust’ narrative.

Next up we have Arnold Kay (born Anszel Kapusta) whose story is related by McDowell News as follows:

‘Her father was born Anszel Kapusta on Sept. 5, 1920 in Warsaw, Poland. He had a brother and a sister, and his father ran a vegetable store. His mother was a homemaker.

Kay joined a small army of resistance against the Germans, which has now been coined the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Their fight only lasted about a month before the Germans burned down the ghetto and threw grenades into their bunkers where they were hiding. Kay was hit with shrapnel in the back of his ear.

When the Nazis captured him, he was sent to the Majdanek Concentration Camp for a least two months, and in July 1943 he went to the infamous Auschwitz. He was tattooed with the number, “128103.”

Toward the end of the war in 1944, the Nazis were losing and wanted to liquidate as many people as possible. Kay walked in the Death March from Auschwitz to Gross Rosen. He described in the video of people dying all around him.

“My mind made me survive. It was like a death march because people were falling left and right and I told myself to hold on. There was no food. I got frostbit and lost six toes. The American army came in and on April 11 we were liberated.”

He survived seven to eight days ingesting snow mixed with saccharin and weighed approximately 80 pounds when he was set free.’ (11)

Once again there are several things wrong with Kay’s account.

Kay was sent to Majdanek (a death camp) after he had been captured by the German forces suppressing the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in 1943. In this fight he was injured and since it was German policy – according to the orthodox Holocaust narrative anyway – to liquidate people who could not work and Kay had a head injury in addition to being a known partisan.

Therefore had the ‘Holocaust’ narrative been true then Kay would have been killed by the German soldiers after interrogation (as SMERSH did to Germans captured by the Red Army), left to die of his wounds or gassed soon after he arrived at Majdanek.

That he didn’t directly contradicts the central pillar of the ‘Holocaust’ narrative in that jews who were unfit to labour, such as children and the infirm (and remember that Kay had a head wound in addition to being a partisan [and thus subject to an automatic death sentence]), were gassed soon after arrival.

Yet the Germans not only didn’t gas Kay at Majdanek for at least two months, but then sent him to another ‘death camp’: Auschwitz.

He then survived Auschwitz despite the head wound (which presumably had healed by this point) and a record of being a known illegal combatant involved in acts of terrorism against the German armed forces.

Kay then claims that he was forced into a ‘death march’ from Auschwitz because the Germans wanted to ‘liquidate the jews’. This is nonsensical since you don’t force people to march if you want to kill them: you shoot them.

Why bother with the whole pretence of a march if you are going to kill the people anyway. The Germans would just use machine guns to liquidate the jews.

You do force people to march if you want to utilise their labour in the future and/or you wish to protect them from something. The likelihood is that both of these factors played their part as the Germans badly needed every bit of manpower they could muster, while the advancing Red Army was also famously raping and murdering its way across Eastern Europe.

Might it not be more plausible to suggest that the Germans were actually trying to protect the jews from the ravages of the Red Army rather than just seeking to walk them to death?

Why yes it would.

Even more farcical is Kay’s assertion that he survived seven to eight days on nothing but snow mixed with saccharin (i.e. an artificial sweetener). Considering the fact that Germany was literally starving and its supply infrastructure had all but collapsed by early 1945. One therefore is forced to wonder how Kay somehow obtained a significant amount of artificial sweetener that would have been high demand as well as why the Germans would let him have such a luxury on a ‘death march’.

It is also hard to believe that Kay – who would certainly have been badly malnourished like most German citizens as well as forced labourers at this point due to inadequate food supplies being available – would have been able to survive on nothing but sweetener and snow for a week after previous significant undernourishment.

His story makes for dramatic and entertaining reading to be sure, but it simply doesn’t add up.

Lastly we have Alek Goldsher who claims he was: ‘sent by train to Treblinka, another camp infamous for its cruel treatment of prisoners, who were building guided missiles.’ (12)

The problem of course is that Treblinka was a tiny ‘pure’ ‘death camp’ where – according to the orthodox narrative – jews, except those few involved in assisting with the disposal of corpses after they were gassed, could only leave as corpses. Nothing else was allegedly done at Treblinka (as with Belzec and Sobibor) than murder jews.

Yet Goldsher claims not only to have ‘survived’ Treblinka, but to also have helped build guided missiles that nobody else seems to know about there!


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