The Herrenrasse and The Untermensch Principles of National Socialism

This discussion may be of particular distaste to those readers who believe they already ‘know’ what the herrenrasse and untermensch concepts mean. Not withstanding the fact that some readers may have correctly deduced their true meaning: we may suggest on the basis of common historical theory and general parlance observed that most individuals and groups, which use these two opposing terms do not understand their actual meaning in National Socialist thought.

Hence because this discussion will call a spade a spade: we must warn readers that they may not like how National Socialism actually means these terms and what they are applied to.

The Herrenrasse principle

This principle is often taken up by historical commentators on National Socialism as being one of its ‘lunatic’, ‘mystical’ and ‘occult’ ideas.  What it is thought to mean by these commentators is that every Aryan is better than every other member of every other race and hence has the right to rule them all.

This quality is supposedly drawn from ‘pseudo-science’, ‘pseudo-history’ and/or for the more crank-like commentators ‘the occult’. Hence, along with neo-nazis, these commentators claim that the National Socialist idea is that the Aryan race is an already existent racial elite, which exists rather simply to rule the world.

This is completely opposed to the actual National Socialist principle of the herrenrasse: in so far that National Socialism does not view the Aryan race as being the ‘master race’ in terms of already being so. Rather what has happened here is that ‘herrenrasse’ has been translated literally without the application of the context.

This has resulted in the confusion that the term means a state when it does not it means a process. By this we mean that it is not a static condition, but rather it is an ideal: which the process of becoming the herrenrasse deals with.

This is envisioned to be achieved in the same way as one creates a superior breed of animals: i.e. by selective breeding, neutering and so forth.  In every generation there will be a number of superior individuals in terms of human quality (using human metrics as a simple measure of the quality of a human being)  who then under National Socialism would breed a better generation (i.e. their children). Then in this better generation there would be a superior group of higher quality Aryans, which are then bred to create a new superior generation and so on.

The ideal never being actually attained, because National Socialism recognizes that the perfect human being is unachievable.  Since there will always be something in which this eugenically bred population lacks. The goal of National Socialism aims for in the herrenrasse process is then the creation and constant re-creation of a superior Aryan breeding stock, which over the course of time will be more productive, biologically more distinct and exhibit all of what National Socialism judges to be the best qualities of our race.

Hence if the herrenrasse principle is not a state but rather a process: it does not make the Aryan currently naturally superior to his or her racial neighbours in regards to some ephemeral subjective standards. However higher standards are expected of Aryans by National Socialism: precisely because we wish to create a very real superiority in our eyes, which currently we believe to be negligible at best.

Since even though the Aryan is still the bringer of civilization in the modern world: he or she is a pale shadow of their former selves with the corruption of the original Aryan (called linguistically the creators of the original Indo-European civilisation).  Human beings jumped from barbarism to civilisation in a very short period of time and this is recognised by National Socialism to have had a biological cause.

That cause, we opine, that the facts  bear out as the appearance of the Aryan race: where they come from of course is a matter of hot contention even among National Socialists. However it is enough to state that in National Socialism: we are eugenically breeding to not only regain the former biological status of the Aryan race, but also to better it and to keep bettering it for all time.

We view the ‘superiority’ issue as being generally moot in addition to this: in that we abide by Oliver’s dictum that superiority is in the eye of the racial beholder and while there is probably evident superiority in one race or another.  We judge that each race will quite naturally view itself as being superior to all others – apart of its natural ethnocentric racial attitude.

This doesn’t in any way affect our principles as regards creating superiority or historical superiority, because it is just that: our racial view. Whether it is true or not in the absolute sense is irrelevant, because truth must ultimately be based on the applied or ‘hard’ sciences and hence truth is always going to be based on a product of those sciences.

Hence we regard our race, in racial ethnocentrism, to be the embodiment of truth and superiority. There is nothing unnatural about this, but we also recognise that other races are likely to resent this, but never-the-less we do not wish to ‘rule the world’, but rather to reclaim our ancestral European homelands as dictated in the principle of Lebensraum.

The Untermensch Principle

The Untermensch principle is the equal and opposite of the herrenrasse principle. In that in National Socialism: we look at the Caucasoid race as being comprised of many sub-racial components.  One of these is the Aryan but there are others: Slav, Mediterranean, etc.

In National Socialism: we view these races who are occupying ancestral Aryan lands in Europe as being essentially foreign to them, but we acknowledge that moving such large populations would be impractical hence National Socialism created the principle of the untermensch.

What the untermensch(en) is/are:  is/are a(n) individual and/or group of non-Aryan, but European Caucasoid, racial origin, with the exception of the jews,  who have been resident upon ancestral Aryan European territory for over a century.

This individual and/or group are generally dysgenic in nature (i.e. they are deteriorating in terms of human quality) and in most cases have been historically ruled by Aryans. This individual and/or group then is regarded as undesirable, but because National Socialism does not regard it as practical to move these populations they are to be integrated as a nation or series of nations into the National Socialist state.

So the Untermensch principle is one which is also, like the Herrenmensch principle, a process leading to a state (i.e. a devolved proto-humanoid state)  rather than just being a state.  It is not that we are here regarding the untermensch as being without potential, but rather as Aryans who are National Socialists we look to preservation and future of our family, our folk and our race.

The untermenschen are in opposition to the Aryan so we must as National Socialists seek a productive solution, which reconciles the two sub-racial interests together, but not to the detriment of the Aryan nation.

These, untermensch, nations according to National Socialism are to be ruled by a form of absolute rule by appointed Aryan governors, but have the ability to freely petition said governors for relief or changes in the law as it concerns that nation.

These nations are not required to perform military service or keep armed forces beyond their local police units as the national police and general structure will be managed by Aryans acting to benevolently rule these nations. Since they are on ancestral Aryan territory this is regarded as the right of the Aryan race.

We observe from history that groups, such as the Slavs, have been historically unable to successfully rule over themselves and function best when they are given orders by overlords: the two sets of overlords they have had in their existence have been the Aryans and the jews.

If you wish to gain a further understanding of this then I suggest a close reading of Slavic, but especially Russian, history.  We opine that being a nation of laborers and farmers, for lack of better terms, is what the Slav in fact is naturally suited to be. It is not that some Slavs are not intellectuals or are not capable of higher things: but that they are not, as a population, inclined to this.

As National Socialists we would of course not deny Slavs the opportunity to become professors and educated individuals under their own system, but they must understand that they will be this only among their own.  They will not, unless their work (e.g. if it is research related to hard science where a more objective attitude is possible) is deemed to be in the folk interest by the leader or those he/she appoints to oversee untermensch affairs, be able to propagate their work beyond their own folk (i.e. in this case: Slavs) and nor would Aryans in the main seek to propagate our work among the untermenschen.

The untermensch is a racial principle and therefore is governed by the racial majority rather than racial minority: hence this is why we take the attitude we do towards the untermenschen as a race.

It is not that National Socialism wishes to ‘oppress’ these non-Aryan populations, but that we opine that finding them a place under the National Socialist order is better than simply ejecting them.

Since National Socialism is about order, the untermensch are a lower class of nation ruled over by the Aryan nation and not allowed to breed with the Aryan nation, but at the same time are allowed to breed as they choose within their own nation.

The way to think of the relationship between the Aryan nation and the untermenschen in National Socialism is one of benevolent autocracy: much as it was under the Tsars.

We, as Aryans, are essentially restoring what we consider to be natural order and that it is necessary to state that if at any time untermenschen have been deemed to have evolved to the point where they can self-determine (i.e. when they have become a sustained eugenic population) that they would be given two simple choices.

Firstly: they may attain the status of a reservation per se and be allowed to self-govern under Aryan supervision.

Secondly: they may choose to emigrate, as a population, to a new homeland outside what is considered Aryan ancestral territory in Europe and form a new nation according to their own designs and be left to rise and fall on their own merits without assistance from the Aryan nation(s).

While we are talking of what might seem a harsh measure here and a principle that is not easily digested:  we must state that there is no other way.  We must learn from history and we must look as objectively as possible at what history and racial science teach us.

We, as National Socialists, seek to restore natural order and the untermensch is the opposite of the herrenmensch, which therefore means as the herrenmensch is the evolving rather than the devolving race  (as well as the bringer of civilization)  has the right to rule the weaker dysgenic untermensch until such time as the untermensch become herrenmensch in the context of the reasonably objective measures of human quality that we have discussed in relation to the National Socialist view of the family.

Hence I repeat National Socialism is based on blood aristocracy not on ‘democracy’ or elective representation in any way, shape or form.   We are not ruled by the lowest common denominator, but rather by the highest common denominator in National Socialism.

The Jews and God’s Wife

I have just completed this book, “Did God Have a Wife? Archaeology and Folk Religion in Ancient Israel” by William G. Dever, Grand Rapids, 344 pages. 

William G. Dever is a Fundamentalist Christian convert to judaism and is an archeologist and author by profession. 

In 1975-1976, prior to the Israeli withdrawal from Sinai, Ze’ev Meshel of Tel Aviv University, an experienced archaeologist, geographer and trekker, excavated a site not far from the border known as Quntilat Ajrud. This site, small but conspicuous, was located in Darb Ghazza, an important ancient route from Eilat to Rafah and Gaza. 

In the 8th and 9th centuries B.C.E., a travelers inn was located in the village; part of which was a shrine. Meshel’s excavations yielded Hebrew inscriptions, both on pottery sherds and on the wall plaster. Several inscriptions mention “Yahweh and his Asherah.” One reads: “Blessings of Yahweh of Shomron and his Asherah.” Another reads: “To Yahweh of Teman and his Asherah” . 

A few years before the dig in Sinai, the author of the book, William G. Dever, unearthed inscriptions in a cave in Khirbet al-Qom (the biblical city of Maqeda), which also mentions Yahweh and his Asherah. 

[Quntilat Ajrud was located on the Egyptian border, which was part of ancient Israel . Back then Shomron was the capital and Eilat was within its jurisdiction. So these inscriptions linking Asherah to Yahweh were found both in Israel and Judea]. 

Who was Asherah? In the Canaanite pantheon, she was the wife of El and the mother of all other gods. Are these inscriptions talking about the same goddess, who is now Yahweh’s consort? There is no question that the dig discovered jewish reference and symbols of Asherah. 

Worship of her was quite widespread in ancient Israel; especially in the days of Queen Jezebel and her husband Ahab: 400 prophets of Asherah ate at Jezebel’s table and participated, along with the prophets of Ba’al, in the great contest on Mt. Carmel against Elijah – a contest that ended in the slaughter of the prophets of Ba’al (and probably the prophets of Asherah, too, although the text does not say so explicitly). 

The jewish torah does everything it can to assume authority as the “premier” montheistic faith; there is little to none mention of the popular jewish religion as practised. Judging from the unearthed dig, it is quite plausible that jews generally believe that the god of Israel had a wife named Asherah. 

In his introduction to the book, Dever writes: “This is a book about ordinary people in ancient Israel and their everyday religious lives, not about the extraordinary few who wrote and edited the Hebrew Bible. 

It is also a book for ordinary people today who know instinctively that ‘religion’ is about experience, not about the doctrines of scholars, theologians and clerics, who study religion dispassionately and claim authority…”

In the chapter entitled: ” The archaeological evidence for folk religion in ancient Israel.” Dever describes a dozen small household shrines with similar architectural features and artifacts: altars, ledges, incense bowls, food remnants, and remnants of sacrifices and tributes. 

These jewish family rituals are described in detail by the jewish prophet Jeremiah: “The children gather wood, and the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead the dough, to make cake for the queen of heaven, and to pour out drink-offerings unto [their] gods” (Jeremiah 7:18]. The jews’ “queen of heaven” was none other than the goddess Astarte. 

Sex with the “Shekhina” 

Dever has written two chapters on Asherah. In one he explores the cult of Asherah and the archaeological and especially iconographic evidence for it.

The other is about women’s cults and “official Yahwism.” The discovered female figurines; of which over a thousand have been discovered, are, clearly, that of Asherah. They are of the fertility charm variety. One chapter of the book is called “What does the goddess do to help?” 

Yehezkel Kaufmann, the renowned torah scholar, has claimed that the jews’ religion in the biblical era was strictly monotheistic from it’s outset; with but a rare few “negligible” traces of paganism at the fringes. Dever’s book offers a different and more up-to-date view. 

A jew may state, ‘O.k., almost 3,000 years ago my forefathers believed that god had a wife, but this silly idea disappeared from the world a long time ago’

However this is not true. Not only has this approach not died out; but it is still warmly embraced by many pious Jews (not always consciously), through the influence of kabbala. 

The concept of the Shekhina [Asherah] has many meanings. In kabbala, the Shekina represents the female element of the Sefirot, or divine emanations. In kabbala, the primary objective in worshipping the jewish god is to bring about the sexual union between the male principle – the sixth Sefira, known as Tiferet or Yesod, and the female principle – the tenth Sefira, usually called Shekhina (but also known as Malkhut, Knesset Yisrael and Atara).

In certain versions of the jewish prayerbook, the Siddur which is influenced near entirely by kabbalistic traditions – many prayers and blessings are prefaced by the following verse, “Leshem yihud kudsha berikh hu veshechintay.” 

In English translation: “For the sake of the union of the Holy One, Blessed be He, and his Shekhina”. 

That union, to remove any doubts, is a sexual coupling. jewish mystics allege that the purpose of this act is to restore harmony to the world, after it was knocked off kilter by the sins and evil machinations of the “sitra achra” (ie, Gentile) and the jews’ experience of exile. 

Dever learned about this kabbalistic outlook from “The Hebrew Goddess” by Rafael Patai. However, it is also found in Yehuda Liebes’ hebrew article entitled, “Zohar and Eros” [Alpayim, 1994] and Moshe Idel’s “Kabbala and Eros”, which has only recently been published in English. 

If the notion of the jews’ god indulging in sexual union with their goddess seems bizarre to the reader, then let us continue to toss caution to the winds and draw attention to another, even more bizarre phenomenon. When religious jews sway back and forth in prayer; the swaying has a profound pantomimic significance to them. 

To quote from the book, “Tzava’at Ha-Ribash” ( it’s about Israel Ba’al Shem Tov, also known as the Besht, the founder of Hasidism), we find this statement:

“prayer is intercourse with the Shekhina, and just as one rocks back and forth at the start of intercourse, thus one must initially rock oneself back and forth in prayer. Then one may stand still and cleave deeply to the Shekhina. And while rocking back and forth and bringing oneself to a state of tremendous arousal, think: Why am I rocking? Because the Shekhina may be standing before me, and the very thought arouses great passion.” 

I ask any Christian , of whatever variety but especially Judeo-Christians, is this what you would have The Faith infused by?

Should Jews be allowed to continue to explain as well as define our Faith to us, or even comment as to the Divinity of Christ when their own god has no relationship to God Himself ?