MUST WATCH -The Ugly Truth About Jewish Circumcision (French with ENG Subs) —

Roger Dommergue (full name Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce; 1923-2013) was a French speaking Jewish professor, philosopher, and essayist, known for his writings concerning alternative medicine and his Holocaust scepticism. Dommergue was a critic of brit milah, claiming that infant circumcision performed on the 8th day after birth constitutes an infantile trauma and negatively affects […]

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Consumer Confidence Climbs To Six Month High After Trump Election – Biggest Jump in 4 years… — The Last Refuge

Consumer sentiment, confidence in the economic outlook of individuals, has jumped up over 8% since Donald Trump’s election victory. The gauge of expectations six months from now gained 8.4 points to 85.2, the biggest jump in four years, from a two-year low of 76.8 in October. (Via Bloomberg) Consumer confidence rose more than previously reported […]

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UK Taxpayers Funded Brussels Bombers — The New Observer

British taxpayers directly funded the Islamist terrorists who carried out the Brussels airport and train bombings though welfare payments made to invaders inside Britain, a court has heard. Mohamed Abrini—the terrorist known as the “man in the hat” after the March 2016 attack, was handed $3740 (£3,000) by two men in Birmingham before flying to…

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Renegade Tribune and Trump?

President Elect Trump’s  trail to Inauguration is strewn  with the Lugenpresse Media, Liberals’ and Communists’ [Jill Stein] attempt to halt and interfere with his Victory and the Will of the Electorate to place him in office.

With the Spencer ‘Nazi’ –  nonsense blown up out of all proportion as well – which I believe is a travesty of epic proportion committed against Trump by Controlled Opposition – we also have this rumor started last year by the folks at Renegade Tribune, e.g., Sinead and Kyle

Although both are incredibly anti-Trump as well as viciously anti AltRight, apparently Donald Trump thought to contact Kyle – here is a quote from the entries found at the site given that are  associated to this topic

[February 26, 2016] – Excerpted

There was a report somewhere that Donald Trump called Kyle Hunt at Renegade Tribune and suggested that he keep up his work  but not get involved with Trump’s campaign. If Trump headquarters requests it, this post will go quietly into the night. Brian Ruhe just exchanged emails with Kyle Hunt this week regarding their second video together. The first has had 3700 hits since December.”

It’s my opinion that there’s  serious  doubt that President Elect Trump contacted these people. I would like to know why this rumor  is still available online. If it’s more than a rumor and Trump saw fit to personally contact Kyle at Renegade Tribune – I would like to see evidence of this happening.

I would like to know more about this, as well as see proof that this isn’t a rumor.  Then, I would also like know why both Sinead and Kyle are  as rabidly anti-Trump as any disappointed Hillary-ite, Jill Stein – Bernie Sanders supporters given that Trump is taking time from his schedule to contact Kyle at Renegade Tribune.

Do they have personal inside  knowledge about the man that they aren’t sharing – other than to attack Trump as being – predictably – “a Jew” by virtue of his daughter’s conversion for marriage.


‘Feb. 27, 2016

Brian Ruhe channeled the below video on Feb. 26th at 40% saturation of either ghosts or devas, gradually over a period of several hours’

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