Robert De Niro softens tone on Donald Trump — Page Six

It appears the more mature celebritries are attempting to use their fame for something other than imposing/suggesting Anarchy in the wake of President Elect Trump.

“I would only say that we’re all hoping, waiting and hoping, that he will lead the country in a way that’ll benefit everyone,” De Niro said Tuesday.

via Robert De Niro softens tone on Donald Trump — Page Six

5 thoughts on “Robert De Niro softens tone on Donald Trump — Page Six

  1. After the jane rosenthal-owned Tribeca film festival retired his good movie Vaxxed, there is no reason for him, a 73 y.o. famous actor, to bow in front of zio democratics. He probably hopes, now that the games are done, that Trump will not stand agaist him either.
    Moreover, someone we know reblogged the info he’s a jew, which I disbelieve.

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    • That Trump is a Jew? Hahaz — If that’s the case, then they and everyone in the world is a jew by virtue of contact and osmosis – and yet while that may be true on deeper, psychic level of consiciousness – given that jews infect all levels – it’s not true in the physical realm .. DeNiro though, yes – definitely a spritual jew as well as honorary Negro.


  2. No, sorry for the misunderstanding: I meant ‘someone’ said -or posted a vid about- De Niro being a jew.

    Well he’s probably a crypto-jew, or a cryto-zionist if you wish (and a demoCrappic misgenetor as well). Good actor though, but that’s not enough to call him a man with the attributes.
    I bet in holly-jew he’d have no problem of picking up somebody more fit to his colors.

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  3. About Trump you are correct.

    In general the stance of pro-i$rae£ (zio-strip) individuals is called ‘zionism’.

    As you know, in fact, zionism in not exclusively correlated with judaism.

    Also, progressive jews can well be zionists, despite their politically fair rants, and, per opposite, ortodox jews not.

    Cons and libs of any latitude can be zionists, despite the fact they are not formally jews- (but they are shammasyms or shabbat goys).

    One thing they share: they are all zios…..

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