Chaos In Milan – 150 Troops Sent to Aid Police and Swat Amid Migrant Violence


**Italy: is  facing  migratory chaos in Milan, the army is called to the rescue –
The Italian government is sending 150 soldiers to Milan as a permanent post due to the city being at  Breaking Point violence caused by the huge influx of migrants.
Interior Minister Angelino Alfano stated that, if necessary, he would double the number of army officers to handle the chaos. The soldiers are to act as support to the Milan Police and SWAT – which are already required to function at maximum capacity in order to maintain law and order.
The minister spoke at a security summit in Milan where the mayor of the city, Giuseppe Sala, implored the government to intervene after the city was invaded by migrants.
The announcement comes after several incidents between migrants from the Philippines in the city and acts of violence against citizens and their property.
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