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Richard Spencer’s NPI event went off with a bang this weekend, and I wish to congratulate him and his organization on a very inspiring and successful nationalist event. It featured everything one could hope for in a nationalist event. It included successful street confrontations with the enemy courtesy of Emily Youcis, strong attendance with a…

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Liberal Tears Are So Salty

LibTards can Bitch and Whine all they like and need about the Electoral College.

With Stock closings such as this, he’s going to straight to Inauguration whether they like it or not.

Since most of Hillary’s voters are:

a) Illegals who are working off books or are on Welfare [or both]  – they don’t count as participating in our economy in any fruitful fashion or

b) on Welfare, and pretty much Ditto like the illegals, except they’re citizens – so slightly more entitled and

c) Feminists, Indoctrinated Housewives, their Hubbys,   the Alphabet genders, College Students and Children,

All of whom do belong in the Kiddie Section no matter who is President.

Article: http://bit.ly/2foXOB2


Lost & Found Hillary Votes

We’re going to find out just how many illegals believed Obama when he told them [on National Television] they could vote just before the election – that  it would “make them citizens”  by Osmosis –

He was right, Hillary was going to grant amnesty to them and open America’s border to  millions more Invaders  from everywhere around the globe –  We now, too well understand why the democrats/liberals were so anti voter ID.

Five states voted for Hillary, 45 voted for Trump.

I think the will of the people has been decided. [I noticed Liberals didn’t complain when this happened with Obama].



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