Preparing Generation Zero For The Fourth Turning

Speech by Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s senior strategic advisor and architect of his winning 2016 election. In this speech delivered to the Liberty Restoration Foundation, Bannon layed out the political philosophy both he and Trump embrace and which appealed to the American people in the election. Bannon was a Hollywood producer who created the Seinfeld comedy TV series and later became the chair of the Brietbart News Service, expanding it into one of the leading news sources nationally, as an alternative to liberal media outlets that previously dominated US media. He joined the Trump campaign in June 2016, leading him to victory and the White House.

Source: Preparing Generation Zero For The Fourth Turning

Polanski & Snuff, not that snuff, the Other Snuff etal

I’m reposting this  article since it’s an excellent discussion of Jews via Hollywood and their Entertainment/Music Industries over which they preside.

It’s a long read, with lots of information so it does require patience.