Triggered Kikes Tweeting

I made an advisory tweet to twitter earlier today that we should stop engaging kikes in any serious fashion, I.e., attempt debate or even really pay them any attention at all since they’re reporting our  accounts [and getting them locked or suspended]  for basically NO reason other than our acknowledging they’re jews

They are also using a new term with which to describe us :  “White Supremacists” – New in the sense that, having discovered that EVERYONE  is innured to and bored of the  stock phrases/accusations [‘racist’, ‘hater’, ‘bigot’, ‘nazi’]

The Lugenpresse  discovered last week  after, nearly  accidentally,  re-coining  “White Supremacist”  to describe us –  that it’s as successful as “racist” ever was for triggering the massees – Scary, edgy, taunting –

‘White Supremacist”  will surely stop the red-pilling  that’s been going on. It just has to –

Because Kikes have learned ONE lesson:

Let down your guard with the Goyim and they  elect Donald Trump to the Presidency.




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