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Yoko Ono: disgusting, weird, evil an and an inappropriate dresser. Ono issued a very compelling reaction to the Election of Donald J. Trump a few days back. It may have you questioning if she has maybe been an Asian with downs syndrome all this time. I’ve never seen a retarded Asian. Maybe there’s more to […]

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More Questions Arise About Why Shaun Left Renegade

I decided to watch several Sinead vids the other night to get some idea of the girl
She’s the basic SJW strident Feminist cum White Nationalist, a gob of both blended into one woman.

I become suspicious of women who berate our men for not chimping out on the niggers and jews. This was not and is not what Nationalsocialism is about. Nor White Nationalism.

She’s really pissed that we got Glorious Leader elected because he’s not Hitler. Yelling at us that we FAILED to bring Nationalsocialist Germany, ca 1933 to life is just stupid and un-educated. We have White Nationalists in government for the first time! I think that’s an achievement to be proud of ffs!

The girl seems to harbor a great deal of animosity and contempt for white people in general and I blame this on Cultural Marxism of which Sinead is a perfect and unwitting example