Beautiful Germany Once Again

My Germany, fold your wings
for just awhile; turn away your
eyes and disappear inside the smoke
the thunder; flames and fire –

You’d thought your best and
highest had fled; that your Land
had died –

My Germany do not fret
Our great Reich will never end
Beautiful Eagle, from your lonely
height you watch and wait ..
My Germany, your Dreams
are forever in flight, soaring toward
the Sun that made the nations shake;
Singing the songs that freed
your pulse to quake; your heart to beat

Rest my Germany, Rest for now
No shades shall torture your sleep
For grave-eyed angels are tender
their eternal watches keep

My Germany be Strong in slumber
for we strive to save you still
and fight to guard you forever
as you hover within your bright
and shining Future –

My Germany, Beloved Country
We do not forsake nor forget
striving ever onward
until your Land and People
are once again Free.

O, Germany, open your eyes
to a new Dawn, My Germany
that we work to save and fight
to guard – Flee your shackles
in some far corner, hide and
and breathe softly , deeply

Awake my Germany Awake
to find that Far and Wide
throughout the World Entire
Our Proud People once again,
are Risen and glorified

Germany we do not forget
We hold within us the heights won
and keep the torches lit –
No slothful ease for us who bear
the Honour of your Name

My Germany, to you we give
Oath and Pledge to see
the work we do rise higher than
ever –

Beautiful Germany, to see you
once again Free is my desire

To hear my People’s laughter
the happy cries of your Children
at play, secure and Proud again
there is no better fame nor wealth
than to walk silent and humble
within your Shadow; indifferent to both
earthly praise and blame