GrrrGraphics back up after 12 hour “suspension” wink wink

GrrrGraphics on WordPress

The GrrrGraphics.comsite was down for 12 hours yesterday. This is the third time this year that this has happened and this has been a the longest outage. Our hosting service claims to be there to help businesses succeed–the usual blather–but in our case they seem to be actively bent on hurting us.

We could not get a straight answer from them for 12 long hours. They dithered and stonewalled us. Finally, just before midnight, their tech people sent us an email claiming we were overusing bandwidth and hurting other customers on the server. In other words, it’s our fault because we were becoming more successful. They knew they were the ones who shut us down, but they refused to come clean and admit it. No…they’d rather see us stew in darkness for half a day.

Instead of warning us or telling us we could go to a VPN…

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