Some pages from the Byzantines chapter I’ve been working for awhile on.

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This is disgusting

i agree, the confederates didn’t deserve a memorial to begin with!

Tons of Americans died fighting for freedom

freedom huh? whose freedom?

Let me ask you this first.
What Was the reason for the civil war

The reason for the Civil War, from the Southern point of view, was States’ rights (imo and according to actual history, not revisionist history). Blacks deface monuments, statutes and flags because they are  ill-bred and ignorant despite being educated in the state school system(s).  Is education wasted on them? Idk, I like to think they can be taught to learn.

Caitlyn Jenner Facing Family Backlash From Sons And Kardashian Step-Daughters?


After battling with her gender identity for 65 years, you would think that the worse is over for Caitlyn Jenner now that she has finally undergone gender reassignment surgery and revealed her true self to the world.

Unfortunately, it appears that things will be getting worse before they get…

Bruce Jenner didn’t have a sex change.  He had breasts implanted to his chest and is taking female hormones.  But he’s basically a man in drag.  This is what he waited 65 years to achieve.  His kids are having trouble with his decision and people are wondering why?  Come on! Dad has decided to behave and look like a woman! But, he still expected them to celebrate Father’s Day. 

Caitlyn Jenner Facing Family Backlash From Sons And Kardashian Step-Daughters?